WrestleMania What should happen on the way to WM29

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Irwin Navarro, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Okay, first things first. Cena vs Punk next week on Raw should be a no DQ match. Shield helps Punk win.IMO, I think The Rock- CM Punk III at WM29 for the WWE title would be a great way to end their feud.

    As for Cena, I can imagine him cutting a promo the next next week. He says that he is not upset about the fact that he will no longer main event WM and compete for the WWE title because he already did those things several times before. He is upset the about the fact that he hasnt beat CM Punk. But what really upsets him the most is the group known as The Shield. He tells everyone that this isnt the first time that a certain group of people targeted him. ( Nexus reference). And just like that certain group of people, they will be histoy.

    Wrestlemania 29 match card:

    Rock vs Punk III for the WWE title
    Del Rio vs Swagger for the WHC. Del Rio retains. Ziggler cashes in.
    Team Heyman(The Shield and Brock Lesnar) VS Team Mcmahon ( Cena, Ryback, The Miz, and a returning HHH!)
    Wade Barett vs Sheamus for the IC title
    If Taker doesnt retire before WM29, I say make a Jericho-Taker match. Jericho ends the streak. Taker retires.
  2. Chris Jericho ending the streak? :wtf:

    I like Chris Jericho, but him ending the streak wouldn't be in anyone's book. Chris Jericho is here to put younger superstars over and is doing that perfectly. I don't see any logic behind Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker either.
  3. Jericho ending the streak would be amazing. nobody would see it coming, and he deserves it for all the guys he puts over on the reg.
  4. So Jericho, the guy known as putting talent over will end the streak.
    The next night, he will lose to Orton, Rollins, ect meaning they all can beat Taker's Streak. :cornette:
  5. No, fuck you. Jericho beats Taker and becomes Super-Jericho, winning the WWE Title and retaining until his retirement 2 years later.
  6. :notsure: if this is the most brilliant thing you've ever said, or the most absurd.
  7. Maybe China's gonna show up next year cuz its XXX :notsure:
  8. WWE Title: The Rock vs John Cena
    Non Sanctioned Match: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
    Undertaker vs CM Punk
    World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
    Gauntlet Match: Ryback vs The Shield
    WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Match: Team Hell No vs PTP vs Rey/Cara vs Rhodes Scholars
    Twelve Man Tag Team Match: Mark Henry/Dolph Ziggler/Antonio Caesro/Wade Barrett/Big Show/R-Truth vs Chris Jericho/Great Khali/The Miz/Sheamus/Randy Orton/Kofi Kingston
    WWE Divas Championship: Kaitlyn vs Tamira

    A few notes;

    -Swagger's push will almost certainly be killed, but for the moment where we don't know for sure, it seems this is how everything fits just right.
    -The big ass tag team match sounds almost like a clusterfuck, but it's also the likely way they're gonna fit as many people on the card as possible. The reason R-Truth is on the heel side is maybe turning on Kofi at some point. Just trying to find a place for everyone.
    -I know Rhodes Scholars are disbanded, but they reunited on a house show (and maybe an episode of Smackdown) so in trying to find a way to fit them on the show, just say they're reunited for one night again at Wrestlemania.
    -Jericho ending the streak would be absolute shit.
  9. Cena using regular logic and saying "it's alright, I've won enough, don't need it again since I'm a good guy who's not greedy, let's take care of this problem that's bugging everyone" instead of simply ignoring that fact and going after the title and main eventing WM again? You're crazy man.
  10. Keep dreamin. :mad1:
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