WrestleMania What should happen with shane v taker

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  1. I should join creative got the perfect story line for it :emoji_wink:.

    WWE is in need of a change and Shane is the best way to change it up in a short time without WWE letting on they know how bad they have made things .

    Would have to be done in next few weeks to be effective and would probably be the best outcome.
    We all know WWE was trying to get Batista back for the show but he is not interested unless a fitting story
    something like a retirement angle so with that being said here is how i think it should go.

    Monday night upon Undertakers return he should inform Vince that he has no intention of taking on Shane
    at WM and sides with Shane because he sees him as the One to take the company forward.

    Vince needs to look at his options and decides to call on Batista. Heel Batista comes back saying how Undertaker should be greatful for all the company has done for him and that he has plans to retire him.
    Vince puts an added stipulation in the match that the loser will have to retire (Batistas preffered angle )

    So we now have the retirement stipulation Batista v Undertaker in Hell in a Cell.
    Shane should be sitting at commentry for the match and he can do his crazziness parts throughout the match to make sure Undertaker wins . (Flying elbow from top of cage to Batista on announce table )

    Little more to it but getting wrighters block its late lol.

    End of the day Undertakers legacy is basicly at stake needed a Beast effort to break the streak and we got it .

    Shane wasting one of Takers limited matches remaining cant happen .
    Authority story needs to end so Shane needs to win , so the only way im seeing this as a win ,win is for this to happen.

    Wouldnt be hard to do and probably wont happen but time would be of the issue.
    WWE get on this would be whats best for buissness :emoji_slight_smile:

    Peoples thoughts ? Would it be a good take or would there be a better way ?
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  2. While I see where you are going with this, Shane and Taker aren't going to wrestle. Batista likely wants nothing to do with Vince or WWE after the way his friend was treated. I am not sure how they are going to go about this but I know Undertaker is facing someone else.
  3. Yeah i know would be a cool story though.... See how things pan outy over next few weeks
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  4. I sense that Shane and Taker might team up and face the Wyatts.

    If not, Shane will lose.
  5. :pokerface:...
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  6. haha u know its a very real possibility. Too real.
  7. I don't, won't and refuse to admit and agree with that. :pokerface:
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  8. Batista vs taker II is an okay idea at best. The angle you came up with isn't bad, but honestly I'd much rather see the rock battle taker at this point, rather than having Dave fight him again. Let's give taker a Texas mania worthy opponent. One that draws hype and tension: the rock.
  9. I am going to go out on a limb and say Sting will be his opponent at WM, not Shane.
  10. If sting is back in time, it would be more fun to see sting fight him rather than Shane. I just have a feeling this an angle and when taker comes back next week the match won't happen.
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  11. Just based on Shane's shape, he don't look like he has worked out like a wrestler in a long time.
  12. Well I'm not even too concerned about that per say... Just that I'd rather just have sting fight taker, rather than shanev
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  13. Sting won't ever wrestle again. And even if he wanted to, Vince wouldn't allow it. Why would they risk having him collapse in the middle if the ring during a match again? It was a pretty scary moment.
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  14. Ehhh true.

    I guess I can see why the Taker vs Shane will happen, specially now with him working out... and fans being mad if he doesn't but I still think there is something more to this. I can't see him getting in the ring by himself for a 1v1. Honestly, idk if he will be able to have a good match at his age and being gone so long. I don't mind him being in a match but he wont beat Taker... why would they have Taker lose? And then Shane... Shane losing doesn't make sense either.
  15. Taker definitely will not lose. I feel like they will have the match tho. I don't see why they would announce this huge match and promoting it if it were to change. I think on Raw, Taker will make the point of why he should do Vinces dirty work. But then I can see Shane coming out and provoking Taker and making it clear that he isn't afraid of him and he's ready to fight. Taker will then tell Shane he will teach him some rrspect, rest in peace, etc.

    Or they team up, against the Wyatts.:psycho: Because where are the Wyatts going on the card? Either way Shane is definitely going to wrestle.
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    Stop before I have Wyatt filled nightmares!! :why: :cry:
  17. :bray:

    Yeah I hope it doesn't go that way with the Wyatts. Put Bray in the US title match, Harper/Rowan in the tag title match, and Strowman in the battle royal.
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  18. Just read a post about how WWE basically screwed them up and made them look weak. If they are trying to kill off the group, you will see the match you mentioned with Taker and Shane as a team but if they are trying to save them, it wont happen. Thank GOD!
  19. The Wyatts are around to put babyfaces over. They're the evil, ugly, mean, big group of intimating guys that should be a force to reckon with but instead they always job in the end.
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