What should I keep in my video collection?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Mizfit, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. I'm trying to clean out my computer for more space, I have shimmer volumes 1-40. I wanted to keep 15.

    I also have a Sami Callihan video collection, Here are the matches
    1. AAW 06-22-12 Bound By Hate Vs Davey Richards
    2. AAW 08-24-12 Reign of Violence Vs BJ Whitmer
    3. AAW 09-21-12 Defining Moment with BJ Whimer Vs Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly
    4. AAW 10-26-12 War Is Coming Vs Michael Elgin
    5. CZW 03-10-12 Aerial Assault Vs Drake Younger
    6. CZW 06-09-12 Prelude To Violence Vs Adam Cole
    7. CZW 07-14-12 New Heights 60 Minute UV Iron Man Vs Drake Younger with the birth of OI4K
    8. CZW 09-08-12 Down With The Sickness with Jake Cris Vs Super Smash Bros.
    9. CZW 10-13-12 Cerebral with OI4K Vs Pepper Parks with Cherry Bomb
    10. CZW 11-10-12 Night of Infamy Confronts Adam Cole
    11. CZW 12-08-12 Cage of Death XIV Shattered Dreams Vs Adam Cole
    12. DGUSA 11-02-11 Fearless Vs Samuray Del Sol
    13. DGUSA 11-03-11 Uprising Vs El Generico (Best 2/3 falls)
    14. DGUSA 11-04-12 Freedom Fight Vs CIMA
    15. EVOLVE 8 Style Battle Final Vs AR Fox
    16. EVOLVE 8 Style Battle Round 1 Vs Brodie Lee
    17. EVOLVE 8 Style Battle Semi Final Vs Bobby Fish
    18. EVOLVE 9 07-26-11 Vs Finlay
    19. EVOLVE 10 Attacks Sabu
    20. EVOLVE 10 Vs Bobby Fish
    21. EVOLVE 11 04-13-12 Vs Finlay
    22. EVOLVE 12 05-11-12 Vs AR Fox
    23. EVOLVE 13 Vs El Generico
    24. EVOLVE 17 The DUF Vs The Scene and Sami Vs Masada
    25. EVOLVE 18 Vs Johnny Gargano
    26. FWE/HOH 10-06-12 Vs Rhino
    27. IWC 06-23-12 Super Indy XI Final Vs Michael Faade
    28. IWC 06-23-12 Super Indy XI Quarter Final Vs Ricky Shane Page
    29. IWC 06-23-12 Super Indy XI Semi Final Vs Chuck Taylor
    30. PWG 04-21-12 DDT4 Vs Kevin Steen (PWG Title)
    31. PWG 04-21-12 DDT4 with Roderick Strong Vs Willie Mack and El Generico
    32. PWG 09-01-12 BOLA Night 1 Vs Willie Mack
    33. PWG 09-02-12 BOLA Night 2 Vs Adam Cole
    34. PWG 09-02-12 BOLA Night 2 Vs TJ Perkins
    35. PWG 10-27-12 Failure To Communicate Vs Davey Richards

    Again, I want to keep 15 at the most.
    I watched them all but I am having the hard time deciding which ones to keep. They are all good matches.

    help me decide on the 15 I should keep in my shimmer collection and the 15 I should keep in my Sami Callihan collection
  2. Keep everything. Btw, is it the pack from XWT. Why did you downloaded it when it's in iPad/iPhone format, IIRC?
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