What should my group be and who would join it?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Pretty sure they are free to join, I'm going to make a group (with a pink user title :yay:) what should it be about? Gaming? TV? Gambling? Feel free to chuck in any suggestions, really want to make one but I'm struggling.
  2. gaming could work boi
  3. This could be awkward. Seabs' is one is sort of pink. I think I'll just remove the Staff pink, change that to green and free up that version (lots of different versions of Pink).
  4. That fat scottish chairman.
  5. :yay:

    He has a whole website, he doesn't need another group (Unless you're referring to me :upset:)
  6. You're not fat, silly Albin.
  7. Aww Seabs.. I'm touched :otunga:
  8. We all know how this ended up last time :gusta:
  9. That's not for sharing on a public forum :urm:
  10. Ninja. For you and me only. :otunga:
  11. That does sound like a pretty cool group. Plus I've been meaning to annoy Ghandi Cabbage about having it and that would be the perfect way :smile:
  12. lol remember that thread where he was so mad saying he lost the award, :yay:
  13. I'd love to join, you could make it as just a general group, it doesn't have to be a specific thing.
  14. Call it people who arent douchebags. I can't join by default, but wish you best of luck in future endeavors.
  15. :laugh: that was absolutely hilarious

    Cool, I'm gonna need to try come up with something cool as The Show Off group is pretty epic.
  16. That is a pretty nice group, in all fairness.
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