What should the stipulation be...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. For Ziggler vs ADR at Summerslam? Maybe LMS?
  2. Winner gets to kill AJ.
  3. :dafuq:
  4. JK LMS would be dope.
  5. I'd be down for a Steel Cage or Ladder Match.
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  6. The stipulation should be more than killing AJ :ksi:

  7. Agreed. I think a high stakes match like this would be ideal.
  8. Ladder match for the Spots. If not, bring something original.
  9. Cage match probably makes the most sense considering AJ's retardedness tonight. Dolph can push for it saying he needs to be protected from those morons Big E and AJ
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  10. The awkward moment when WWE decide to just pick Rey Mysterio to be the contender at SummerSlam because he's supposed to return from injury and he's Mexican like ADR..
  11. AJ Can climb over the cage wall though..
  12. When Dolph faces Big E at SS you mean?
    AJ on a Pole match sounds fitting.
  13. Fuck cage matches. Last Man Standing would be dope.
  14. An I quit match!
  15. Would mark if Alberto says he quits in Spanish to lose the match.
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  16. LMS or Iron Man match would be sick..oh and have AJ,Big E,&, Ricardo banned from ringside.
  17. In an ideal world it would be a Hell in a Cell, with the WHC finally getting to main event a PPV again, consequently making both guys and the title feel relevant. Also it makes perfect storyline sense with the whole AJ shit and how personal this fued has gotten.

    I guess a ladder match is the best alternative. Although I think it's more likely that 'E will add someone like Jericho in there for the lulz.
  18. How about a stipulation we haven't seen yet this year? No ladder, steel cage, last man standing or even hell in a cell, since we're getting that anyway in October.

    Maybe a 2 out of three falls match. I know we got that between Miz and Caesro in March but that was on Smackdown, not PPV. Or just do another regular match, with the stip being that everyone is banned from ringside. Maybe also add in a stipulation that says that Del Rio can lose the title by count out or disqualification. Ziggler could request that this stip be added to the match just to make sure there is no dirty way for Del Rio to slip out of in any way, shape or form this time. He really will have to pin Ziggler or make him submit in the middle of the ring to defeat him and retain the title.
  19. I'd love to see a falls count anywhere match. I remember Extreme Rules 2008. Jeff Hardy vs Umaga in a falls count anywhere match. I really enjoyed the end, and that swanton bomb from the top of the truck was dope. I know they're not high risk wrestlers but it could be a great match if it's a bit like the one I'm talking about.

    Here are some highlights of that match:

  20. No shit. That is just the logic any time there is a cage match.
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