What should TNA do for BFG?

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  1. So much doom and gloom around TNA right now, so I want to see what you guys think TNA should do by the time BFG rolls over, and what the card should be. Think about signings TNA could make as well, because BFG will suck if we remain with this roster (or even have more departures).

    Austin Aries (c) vs Bobby Roode - World Heavyweight Championship
    MVP, Lashley and King vs Bully Ray, Eric Young and Samoa Joe
    Low Ki (c) vs Sanada vs Manik - X-Division Championship
    The Wolves (c) vs Generation Me - World Tag Team Championship
    Magnus vs EC3
    Gail Kim (c) vs Taryn Terrell - Knockouts Championship
    Samuel Shaw vs Jeff Hardy
  2. Make a god damn great PPV for once.

    It's been since 2012 BFG that they haven't done a great PPV.

    And that is terrible.
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    By that you mean "get out of Florida"?

    The wrestling on TNA PPV's has been fine this year, the crowds have just hurt the shows SO much. (Also we can use more standout matches)

    The match I want to see is MVP, King, and Lashley vs Aries, Roode, and Joe in a Lethal Lockdown-type match, but they should not drag it out that long. Shame they couldn't speed up the storytelling, have EY vs MVP at Sacrifice, and this match at Slammiversary.

    Usually after BFG there's something that represents what's to come in the next year, be it the start of Storm vs Roode, the first *name of faction deleted* promo, Dixie going on a rampage, etc.Well Aries, Roode, and Joe all overthrowing the ex-WWE heel authority figure would be the perfect thing for TNA to finally move in a new direction.
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  4. PPV can be great even without crowd being "great" or similar. TNA has proven that in the past.

    It's just me personally, I've been waiting a great PPV from this wrestling company around two years.

    Long overdue.
  5. I agree, the wrestling at Sacrifice, for example, was great but the crowd was either dead at times or just chanted random shit and hurt the matches so much.

    However, TNA need to do all of their specials and PPVs outside of the Impact Zone (or wherever they will do their Impact shows regularly in the future) and go for bigger arenas (they should be able to fill 2000 seats for a good PPV). Also, stop the screwy finishes at their PPVs, they only have 4 a year so they should end properly - especially if it's the main event match.

    Also, why did you remove the name of the faction? I never saw it, but I'm assuming it's a spoiler?
    PPV's are helped greatly by great crowds. Good matches can feel special, they can be enhanced by a crowd's that really into it.

    For that point, I agree. I remember in late 2012, people were so optimistic about TNA - I had just gotten into the product having seen Slammiversary and then Aries beat Roode and I felt as if TNA was on it's way to greatness...
  6. Very true, but you can't have a great show with the crowds they had for Lockdown and Sacrifice this year. There's no way you can call it GREAT, but I thought most people liked Lockdown 2013... and at the time Slammiversary 2013 was pretty nice, too. They need to deliver something GREAT soon, you're right, but I can't see it happening. My hopes for Slammiversary are pretty dashed with a main event that's more vanilla than any ice cream you can find.

    Yeah CF, look at that Gunner/Storm match, those two KILLED each other but it was a chore getting into the match while there was a really bored 'Boring" chant in the middle of dead silence. At least they're heading to Dallas for Slammi, maybe Wacokid will hold up a sign so we can recognize him?

    You can do screwy main-event finishes that are satisfying, plenty of us predicted a Matt Morgan/AJ Styles run-in at the end of the Slammi 2013 main event which would have pushed a storyline we were interested in. Do stuff like that every now and then and it'll be okay, but we do need more clean finishes than not.

    It's not a spoiler lol, it was the faction running rampant in 2013 whose name should be never be spoken of again.
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