What should we have him do?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. So @"Neil Thorn" said if anyone could guess his new celeb crush, he would do anything.
    Since I guessed it correctly, I have decided to leave it up to you people to decide. #PeoplePower
    Neil Thorn, Today, 02:47 AM
    I have a new celebrity crush.. If you can guess who, I will literally do anything wear anything you want as my signature for a whole month. Her first name is Kate.

    JeebaK, 02:56 AM
    Kate Winslet

    Senhor Perfect, 02:58 AM
    Kate Upton

    Neil Thorn, 02:59 AM
    Both wrong but Kate Upton is nice >.>

    Britanica ?, 03:00 AM
    Selena Gomez

    Senhor Perfect, 03:00 AM
    Kate Middleton?

    Britanica ?, 03:02 AM
    Oh it has to be a Kate...

    Neil Thorn 03:02 AM
    Nope. I'll give you another half hour then I'll reveal her last name. Selena is ugly.

    Senhor Perfect
    , 03:03 AM
    Last guess, Kaye Bosworth.

    Britanica ?
    , 03:03 AM
    kate beckinsale

    Senhor Perfect, 03:03 AM
    *Kate Bosworth

    Ambrose, 03:06 AM

    Neil Thorn, 03:06 AM

    Britanica ?, 03:07 AM
    I win!?

    AmbroseToday, 03:07 AM
    Neil, you know hat you have to do. KSI

    Neil Thorn, 03:08 AM
    Yes my celeb crush is Kate Beckinsale lol

    Britanica ?, 03:08 AM

    Britanica ?, 03:09 AM
    I will take you up on this deal tomorrow. Expect to be @'d to a thread.

    Neil Thorn, 03:10 AM
    Publicity Sad Alright alright, I'll keep my end of the bet though I still am shocked you guessed right lol

    So, what would you like to see Neil do/wear/say/whatever?
  2. Change his name to Britta's Bitch.
  3. He'd probably enjoy that too much. :pity: :dawg:
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  4. hmmm...
    give me a hint/clue.
  5. A hint/clue for what?

    I am going to make a poll of everyone's suggestions in a few days. Then everyone can vote!
  6. hmmm, he never did go through with his bet with Aids / Champ, where he had to write on his face with marker and make it his sig. Something similar to that, perhaps?
  7. uhhh. I actually don't know.

    How about you change his username to Whiskers and have his avatar be him wearing cat ears, nose and he has whiskers.
  8. He did say anything. :pity:
  9. Also... If he fails to do whatever you guys pick. He has to donate money to the site.
  10. So I win? :cornette:
  11. We have to wait and see if any other suggestions are given. So far its just your cat idea.
  12. Shave off his stupid tash, put it in a milkshake and drink it.

    Must be videod and put on YouTube.
  13. Take a picture of himself naked and post it on 4Chan.
  14. Needs to be realistic. I also wouldn't like to see Neil's member.:rock:
  15. Nobody wins from that.
  16. Cinnamon Challenge!

  17. ^ Can't watch until after work. :upset:
  18. Suck a tampon.
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  19. I'm not gonna buy something from the store. Only doing something that doesn't cost me money lol
  20. Let's sell him.
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