What star did you give Cena/Bryan?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Comparing this to MITB 2011, which got a 5 star Meltzer rating, what did you give this one? Bryan REALLY turned up for this, and Cena - apart from the botch - was great as well.
  2. 4 stars, the storytelling and heel turns were close to five stars, but the match was not as good as Lesnar/Punk, which I think was around 4 3/4 stars.
  3. You call that a match? Cena only knows five moves and can't wrestle. Bryan looks like a homeless caveman. Top 10 match? I wouldn't even put that in my top 100. 4/10
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  4. Dude I wouldn't even put in my top 1000, forget 100
  5. I wouldn't call that a match, or a piss break. It's a shit break.
  6. I can't really put my finger on it(might as well try), but it didn't really have a five star feel to it at all IMO. The finish was completely underwhelming, besides an FU, there was hardly any near falls and the finish, although the move is awesome, didn't work that well in the circumstances. They should have introduced that finisher a few weeks ago so the finish looked less awkward IMO. I'm all for non-finishers winning matches but it didn't work well in this instance. Cena was pretty poor throughout IMO, his spot calling was ridiculously loud, he (possibly Bryan as well) also botched a scripted bit which they had to awkwardly get back into.

    On a slightly random note I was also slightly disappointed with the lack of work on Cena's elbow.

    4 stars tops for me, Bryan pulled off some great shit (the triple Germans into the bridge pin, the proper execution of the STF, the superplex) but there was a few things I found wrong with the match. Little bit underwhelmed with it tbh.
  7. 3.5/5. Which, since it was brought it up in the op, isn't much different from what I'd give Punk/Cena at Money in The Bank. I can't give an exact number for it since I haven't seen in it since it happened but that definitely wasn't a five star match. I loved aspects of it, like the atmosphere and the finish but it was also filled with botches and unnecessary padding (a lot of rest holds [from Cena I believe] in the early goings from memory but I could've exaggerated the amount and duration of them so take my complaint with a grain of salt). Their SummerSlam match was much better. But yeah, tangent aside a 3.5 for Bryan/Cena.
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  8. I hate Cena's matches i just do, i know most people don't see Cena as a bad wrestler and believe that he's capable of putting solid matches but he just bores the shit out of me .He slows the pace of the match so much he's just standing there doing what he does every single match for the last 4 or 5 years even when Bryan tried to add more speed and intensity to the fight Cena kept going back to his shitty boring moveset :why:.
    I'm sorry for bitching but i feel that Cena ruined what could've been a great match if he could just step up his game.
  9. Cena knows how to wrestle you just a hater
  10. John Cena is a great wrestler, you just a hater of him and i hope yall haters know he just draws energy from yalls negative support....like he said on the miz tv "he dont care about what fans hate him, he just there for his fans"....im a big fan of his....YOU GO JOHN CENA! I hope he gets the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT BACK.
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  11. over/under 16?
  12. Anyway, I'd give it a generous 4*, eh maybe 3.5* actually. There were a few sketchy/botchy moves here and there, and I somewhat agree with McLovin.. but overall it was still a VERY good match.
  13. I would give it 3 stars it was a good match not the best match i have ever seen or anything like that but still a decent match, saying that i wasn't hyped for it anyway as i am not a john cena fan particularly and im not a bryan fan either.
  14. How do you know? Why do you judge me without proper facts or getting to know me? Seems a bit rude don't you think?
  15. Im just saying....i watched summerslam last night so i know what happened.....i aint judging you i was just saying an defeating john cena b/c im a really big fan of his
  16. 4 stars, Rewatched it, and enjoyed it more the second time. It isn't a bad match if you throw context out the window.
  17. Watching the match, it was clear that it probably went better in practice. A lot of the counters that Daniel Bryan always pulls off so well just didn't happen quick enough. There are points where you see Cena could've gotten out but didn't, such as the point where Bryan puts Cena in the STF.

    WHICH begs another question: Why would Bryan do an STF when he was targeting the weakened arm? He could've went for a Yes Lock. It would've made more sense.

    Even that counter at the end when Cena goes for another AA and Daniel Bryan does a roll up, watch closely and it's apparent Bryan was supposed to have hooked the legs but didn't catch it quick enough (either that or Cena rolled forward too soon). I was thinking perhaps that's when the end was supposed to have happened? It probably would've been less awkward than the three count after the running kick from Bryan.

    Rating? 3.5 out of 5. Technically, not even close to perfect. HOWEVER, it's still one of the more exciting matches I've seen in a long time. And when Bryan won I was literally shocked, which is something that doesn't happen often these days.
  18. I gave it **** , just a bit bigger than Lesnar/Punk.
  19. I'd give it just under four stars,it was good but it felt rushed and it just kindof ended out of the blue.
  20. Preferred Lesnar vs Punk, Cena DB was pretty disappointing imo.
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