Extreme Rules What stipulation should Rollins/Orton have at ER?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. 2 out of 3 falls would be nice. :tough:
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  2. Mario Party match
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  3. Winner has to trade contractual obligations with Brock Lesnar match
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  4. It's prolly gonna be an 'extreme rules' match or something else that has the 'anything goes' stipulation to it, so that Rollins could win via some shenanigans.
    I'd be surprised if Rollins beat Orton clean.
  5. Loser has to pay Brock's fine.

    But seriously I think either Steel Cage or Extreme Rules
  6. It will be a Steel Cage Match. So Rollins can "escape" and retain the title. Fuck, I hate his boooking sometimes.
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  7. No DQ / Standard Extreme Rules match is my call.. weapons are fair game?.. I can't really see it being an "I Quit" Match but I would like that.
  8. Well, given it's ER, goes without saying it will be something with No DQ. Extreme Rules would be alright, but they'll probably to Tables or Cage so Seth wins dirty without even pinning Randy.
  9. it will be an extreme rules match im guessing.
  10. A Steel Cage match makes sense given it would be designed to keep the rest of The Authority out. And then in true WWE fashion, they can have at least one of them find their way inside the ring as usual anyway.

    But really, I'd be fine with just a normal Extreme Rules match, or a Falls Count Anywhere match. Doesn't really need to be anything more than that. (What a novel concept - the main event of a PPV called Extreme Rules is just a normal ER match without any other unnecessary bells and whistles to it.)
  11. I would prefer that Randt plays mind games with Seth and baits him into doing a no interference Extreme Rules match. Randy will play minds games and tell Seth that he's not a true champion and he's a coward. Seth will let his ego get to him and except Randy's challenge.

    Seth will win, of course, but beat barely beat Randy in a flat-out brawl. It would make Seth look legit, too.
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  13. Kiss my ass match.
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  14. And you aren't even the most condescending member online, our admin have earned that crown. Crazy, isn't it? We are so welcoming here.
  15. Its great to have a community of people who all share a common hatred for other people. Hey, fuck you guy! Your opinions are stupid!
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  16. Stopspot and Soli have been on a run (especially in the ramp lol) of just randomly talking shit and then adding....

    "Welcome to WWEF." "There is already another thread on this," and all that nonsense. It's like Crayo made Delik admin and they changed usernames.
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  17. lmao, that's great. I need to go to the ramp more often. So many missed opportunities to welcome new users.
  18. Why not an ambulance match? Considering what Rollins did to Orton a few months back. Of course, Rollins will likely be winning so not sure they would even put in that kind of effort. It has to be some sort of no dq match.....how else would J+J securiTAY be able to get involved? Thats standard practice for WWE nowadays right?

    Kind of noticed this in certain situations. But TBH, I mostly dislike other people anyway. As much as I try not to, humanity just keeps pushing me back to that pov. It's mostly just driving that does it lol.

  19. lmao you and Sharpy even that shit out, I was talking about the other people here like Stopspot honestly. You guys are so nice you need a TM after your username's buddy.
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  20. I think Trip is hot.
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