What Superstars can you see returning on 2016?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. I can see Ricardo Rodriguez just for the simple fact that ADR some what needs him to get the cheap pops from the crowd and when he is full heel, it will be more entertaining. Possibly a Hardy Boys return to amp up the tag division, this is assuming both are clean and in good favor of Vince. I am sure Daniel Bryan will make his return, possibly in the rumble but who knows. Another obvious one is Seth but I really don't need to mention more on that. Maybe one last run from Rey Mysterio but I hope not. He was amazing when he was younger but he messes up too much in the ring now and I don't want another Rey vs ADR feud. Oh and of course, the Rock. Cena will be back before 2016 my guess. He never stays away as long as he says.
  2. I could see Jeff Hardy possibly returning if he's clean... I'm with you on Mysterio, never want to see that guy in WWE again. His leg is pretty much shattered, he should just retire before he cripples himself. Sami Zayn obviously will return, but that could happen in December. Randy Orton will be back, as well as Sting, maybe The Rock.. Still hoping Kurt Angle has one last run in WWE before he hangs up his boots.
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  3. Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Rey Mysterio, are all guys I could see having one last run.
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  4. Aside from DB, Zayn, Rollins and Itami returning from injuries, I'd like to see Angle and The Hardy Boyz return.
  5. I'd love to see Awesome Kong leave TNA and have the WWE run that she has wanted all of her life.
  6. I'd go with Morrison, Hardy, and maybe Rey to return to the company. Anybody who's just injured, or on leave are shoe-ins to return. You know, aside from Bryan.
  7. Bryan will return :dealwithit:
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  8. It isn't a given, though. If WWE doesn't clear him then he'll go elsewhere.
  9. Fine by me. Whether he goes back to ROH or heads to Japan, he'll have my support.
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  10. And probably the opportunity for some much better matchups as well.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see him back in WWE. It's not my favorite promotion, but I'm going to continue watching WWE no matter how bad it gets. Having Daniel Bryan back in WWE will make it much easier to watch.
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  11. I agree completely... And this is why I love you.
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  12. It's why I love you too, babe :emoji_wink:
  13. Back on topic, all reports are saying The Rock will be back in 2016, but just not in a wrestling role.
  14. The Rock in any role can only be good for WWE.
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  15. Of course. I can never get tired of seeing The Great One on my TV.

    I was kind of hoping we'd get to see Bork vs Rock at WM 32. They'll need to put 100K asses in seats and having that match on the card would be a huge draw.
  16. I wouldn't bet against that match even though a lot of people are. There's been talk of it since 2012 and a lot of talk of it this year... it would be an expensive match due to the Rock's asking price but I think it would easily make the money back. I would imagine they will be trying to put it together.

    If not, Hogan can return and we can watch Lesnar dismantle him.
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  17. I'd like to see it happen, but I also wouldn't lose sleep at night if it didn't happen, though.

    LOL, Hogan wouldn't be that stupid to have another match with Lesnar, right? Unless, ya know, he has a deathwish.

    He'd probably be on the other side after one German Suplex.
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  18. That created a funny image in my mind. Hogan would be stupid enough to do the match, though. He would just try to force a provision in the contract that prevents Lesnar from doing certain moves on him.
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  19. Vince: "You're gonna take at least three German Suplexes and one F-5 from Brock."

    Hogan: "Yo, Vinnie. I can't take no Germans and F-5's from Brock, I'd be dead, brother!"

    Vince: "Okay, Goddammit! How do you want this to go down?!"

    Hogan: "Well, since I'm the GOAT, I would go on to squash Brock. It'd be one of the biggest Mania moments, brother! Just imagine, he'd have zero offense. That's the only way that we could put 100K asses at AT&T Stadium, brother!"

    Vince: "Fine, Goddammit!"

    Hogan: :hogan:
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