What tag team constellations can be built to improve the tag division

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    In the spirit of D'Z's face tag team thread from the TNA section I figured we could do one for WWE as well. Only here use both sides of the moral spectrum. WWE's tag team division isn't exactly the strongest right now but WWE has the roster to improve it. So look at the WWE roster page from WWE.com and think out some various constellations that could be placed in the tag division and how they would help it out.

    I'd put Ryder back with Hawkins in it. Ease down the broski gimmick while letting him keep it, just tone it down. The two are used to working together as a team and are both solid wrestlers in the ring. Hawkins is comfortable on the microphone and I think that they can play a Edge and Christian style team, mixing comedy and antics into their personas and feuds.

    Evan Bourne is needed back in the division when he returns from injury. I'd set him up with someone like Riley probably. That way we get the big guy/little guy dynamic that is proven to work well. Get Riley back in his jock gimmick as well. I'm not sure how Bourne would work as a heel but he could always play the role of tiny douchebag next to the big bad jock.

    McGillicutty could benefit from the tag division as well. The tricky part is who to put him with. He is a good heel who uses crowd interaction in his ring style (yelling at the crowd, mouthing off to his opponent etc) to enhance the match and I think McGillicutty in a sort of James Storm/Stone Cold hybrid role as an outlaw would work well. Hadn't McIntyre been in the 3MB I think he would have meshed well with Michael for this type of team. So I guess I'd split Drew from the band (They can always get a new guy for the trio) and throw him in with Michael for an outlaw style tag team.

    Who would be your picks?
  2. Damnit I freaking love your threads
    For me the PTP could carry the division .
    El generico and mysterio could entertain and then just face each other at WM 30
    Of course the shield is meant to be the guys to take over the tag team division .
    Sorry to say I don't know really much about NXT guys
  3. They have great teams like PTP and Usos but they do nothing. First they have to utilize their current teams correctly, it sounds like a team is formed, gets a few wins then disappears and jobs.
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  4. Zach Ryder and Derrick Bateman seem perfect together. Don't make it over the top and these two can be legitmately entertaining.

    Hate ethicity-based teams but a Barrett-Mcintyre duo seems perfect if people can buy into Drew at this point. Two similar, aggressive big men and Mcintyre gets a mouthpiece.

    With Miz turning face, why not reform Awesome Truth? Or have Titus kick Darren to the curb and put Riley in that spot, they're great douchebag jocks. Putting dependable tag-teamer Hawkins with McGillicutty could be an awesome rebel group as you say.

    I'd love to stick a guy like Kofi, Neville, or Gabriel with a mouthpiece, but sadly there doesn't seem to be any that fit. Why can't high-fliers ever talk?
  5. I'd like to see Zack Ryder in a Tag Team, not with Santino. As some have suggested, put him with Bateman or Hawkins. We need a good face tag team that isn't two fat guys dancing.
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  6. They've kinda got a bit of a healthy division right now when you think about it - Team Hell No (breaking up soon), Rhodes Scholars (not gonna be around too much longer, Sandow needs to get his own singles push), Sweet T and Brodus Clay, The Usos (though one of them just got pulled over for a DUI... again), Prime Time Players, Hunico and Camacho, etc.

    I personally thought if the trio of Legacy had never been formed and Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiese just formed a team with each other, they could have called themselves Legacy and been a good team (minus Orton.) I see Rhodes as someone who would work better as a tag team wrestler better than a singles one for some reason.

    R-Truth and Kofi Kingston could always just get back together.

    Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara made a good cruiserweight tag team before he got put out with knee injuries again.

    Big Show could form another tag team with a guy smaller than him (which is pretty much everybody.)

    The New Age Outlaws could always become a part of the regular division again. What's wrong with that, they're easily one of the most over things about the show when they're on.

    I'm all for just randomly throwing two guys together with each other just to see what duo works. That's how they struck gold with the New Age Outlaws... just threw two random guys at the bottom of the card and they ended up becoming one of the most popular teams of all time. There even used to be a joke backstage (according to Cornette) that the only guy that Billy Gunn could beat was Road Dogg and the only person that Road Dogg could beat was Billy Gunn. That's how bottom of the card they were.

    I'm also all for just killing the tag team division altogether. I don't care if the tag division has been a part of tag team wrestling for so long, I wouldn't mind just seeing tag teams consist of just tag matches between singles wrestlers from this point on.
  7. They just need to book the division properly. They have the Usos, PTP, Primo/Epico, NAO, they could bring up the Wyatt family as well. Put importance on the division, give it proper TV time and exposure, and it will be fine.
  8. People actually think the NAO are sticking around? Seemed obvious that they were just there for Brock to bulldoze through.
  9. I only suggested that they could/should, I'm fairly certain they won't.
  10. They're over brother! :hogan:
  11. Sadly I think NAO are gone now, Billy Gunn's working at my product design teacher's promotion in a month or so I'm sure he said.

    *opinion on teams in two secs*
  12. big e and ryback
    Brodus clay and big show as heels
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