Ring of Honor What tag teams would you bring into Ring of Honor

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. One of ROH's strengths is their active and living tag division. with teams like Bad Influence (though not called that), WarMachine, The Briscoes, The Decade, The Young Bucks and reigning champions ReDragon the division is probably the strongest out of the three big promotions in the states.

    But if you could supplement it, bring in some new talent, who would it be?

    I'd bring in Monster Mafia as permanent roster members. They've had two tag team matches previously in ROH and impressed in both, especially in their latest one and EGO has also gotten chances to shine on his own. Sign them to deals, work out work visas for them and get rolling.

    Another team I'd bring in is the Juicy Product. One of the hottest and fresh tag acts out there right now. JT Dunn and David Starr have been likened to this generations Young Bucks. Holding gold all over the East Coast. I'd bring them in for a short run, see if they translate to ROH crowds and if they do, get cracking.

    Any particular teams you'd bring into ROH? Or any ROH players you'd put together to form a team?
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