What the Average American Will Look Like in 36 Years

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  1. So light hair and dark eyes? This is based on what? Whites and blacks, whites and mexicans, whites and asians, ect having kids?
    I don't get it. ITS BOLD SHIT!
  2. Should have expected this.
  3. Sexy as fuck. Unlike the rest of the shitty world. :pipebomb:
  4. Asian invasion? At least the eyes won't be as slanted as their's.
  5. shitty projection
    shitty thread
    shitty user
  6. dont discriminate lad
  7. Girls must suck your dick a lot, faggot.
  8. I look nothing like those people. I plan on looking like jonny depp, but with a bigger dick ofc.
  10. We're gonna look like the guy who killed Trayvon Martin?
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  11. They are saying in 36 years this is what the average will be... So are they basing this off of children being born now and the pictures are them in 36 years? Or are they saying we now HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO SHAPE SHIFT!!?!?!?! :yay: :win:
  12. The article makes no sense. It sucks, just like all of CM Punk's threads.
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  13. Like CM Punk the wrestler : One disappointed after another.
  14. Fucking jabroni's be hating on my work. Where is your 200+ responded thread? That's right. Nowhere. Watup. Dolla Dolla Bills Yall.
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  15. k.
  16. CM Lesnar Fan For Life over here.
  17. CMLFFL?


    Sounds like a vaccine for a dog.
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