What the *Heck* Is With JBL These Days?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. JBL is sounding like he's a 'sounding board' for the 'Powers that Be' behind the scenes. Every time the camera is on him he's got a leacherous grin on his face like he's getting a hand job from someone below the announcer's table..
  2. JBL is Vince's voice. Vince feeds lines through to him throughout the show.
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  3. JBL has always been pro 'heel' that's his shtick
  4. JBL is a wrestling God.....He's amazing no matter how you slice it.
  5. What Brad said. Explains why he tries super hard to put Del Rio over and ne'er even acknowledges Ambrose and Rollins
  6. He's hilarious. I thought about making a JBL quotes thread he cracks me up so often.
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  7. HE'S A DIP STICK !!!!!!!!
  8. He's the heel announcer, and does a damn good job at it. Dude is hilarious and how he takes shots at Cole constantly is just perfect.
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  9. this is why he's great....
  10. JBL is often used to express the "management" side of angles. The persona he has created (which, as most great gimmicks, is his real-life persona writ large) is perfect to represent the view of the Authority/the Man. I mean, the real life John Layfield is a Fox News Contributor and makes weekly appearances on "Cashin' In" on Fox News, for pete's sake.

    It's also interesting to note that, apparently, he's the guy who needs the least fed to him from backstage. He's reportedly given more free rein from the back because he is so familiar with pro wrestling history and can be counted on to not embarrass himself (or the WWE) off the cuff. Add to that the viewpoint that most viewers have that he's one of the most overall entertaining guys on commentary ever and you have a winning formula.

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  11. JBL is the most entertaining man at the broadcast table these days. Remember how bad it got for awhile when it was just Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler together? Even Matt Striker being there as the third man made things more interesting (and JBL is quite a bit better than Striker... he knows his history without getting his facts wrong on a constant basis.)
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  12. lockard vs wacokid, go!
  13. But we agree.....at least on this.

  14. I wish I was as good of a heel as JBL
  15. you are everything to me....:ksi:
  16. I hate listening to JBL. And I hate listening to Cole. I wish they would just get a new damn announce team period.
  17. Cole, yes. JBL, no. He is comedy heel gold.
  18. Sometimes, yes he's entertaining. But when he and Cole start their "face/heel" arguments I'm just like :stfu: and call the match douchebags
  19. JBL is nothing compared to the greatest heel announcer of all time, bobby "the brain" heenan.
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  20. That's like comparing any other basketball player to Michael Jordan, it just isn't a fair fight :happy:
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