What The Hell is Going On in Venezuela?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lady Deathbane, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. I'm going to admit that I've been quite ignorant on the situation up until recently, so I'm trying to understand what's truly going on over there.

    Initially, I thought that the protesters began protesting at the beginning of this month was because of their government and how corrupt it is and how government doesn't give a single shit about its citizens. The government doesn't investigate deaths, don't control crime, the people who they throw in jail are tortured for no good reasoning, there's a great deal of poverty with overwhelming shortages in goods and supplies, etc. So, the protestors have been peacefully protesting in the streets and the Venezuelan army has been, not only extremely violent, but also murdering protestors as they please. A video that explains this side with more detail is here.

    But then I see posts where they claim the people protesting and dying are actually extremists who simply did not agree with their presidential(for the lack of a better term, not sure what they call it there) election and now are rebelling and hurting innocent citizens on the streets, throwing bombs, etc. So, the army has to intervene and stop the attacks. Also, that Venezuela aren't in poverty and in fact have free health care and free education as well.

    I'm trying to understand, but there's just many unreliable sources because, despite whichever side you take, it's still fact that the Venezuelan leader has taken down all forms of media in their country (the most prominent one is Twitter). So, it's very hard to truly understand what is going on. I apologize for this depressing topic. I was just curious to see if anyone here has more information or gives a shit. If not, just let this post sink into the pages, pls.
  2. Corruption, abuse of power. Pretty much it.

    It's similar to Gaddafi and Libya except there aren't as many "opposition" fighting as there were in Libya. And no, they have plenty of money. They hold 20% of the world's oil reserves and export 2.3m barrels of oil a day.
  3. So, pretty much both sides of the story are technically true and false? Bah, damn.
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  4. Wait, since when was Venezuela relevant in the world?
  5. Right. What was I thinking? Thanks for putting it into perspective for me, bro. Let's go get a parfait and talk about what conditioner Justin Bieber uses in his hair.
  6. I like parfait.
  7. Wow, I really need to climb out of this cave I'm in.
  8. Yeah, I felt the same way, man. I'd say I need to watch the news more, but this whole situation isn't even on the news and that's probably even worse.
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