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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JeebaK, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Whats up with wwe, why the hell are they trying to turn into a kid show? Just because it will make them more money? Its getting pathetic tbh. Here are the lists of what they are doing wrong.

    1)John Cena :- The guy had good mic skills, good in ring skills, great appearence and presence, what do they do they turn him into a superman who never backs down from challenges, a colourful kids' role model. WHY? We all saw what he can do in his feuds with Rock and Kane, he can take his career 1 step higher if he turns heel and forms his faction like the NWO, but that wouldnt happen, because the kids love the face cena, the face cena will make them double the money. So fuck the entertainment, go for the money. He will prob be back at the title race after wrestlemania which would suck huge, he can do so much with the mic that its almost a crime to limit him to never back down and truth honesty bullshit. And where the hell did all his in ring moves go?

    2)Sheamus :- This guy by all means might become the next Cena if WWE keeps this up. He once again has loads of in ring talent and a great presence. The strong fighter type. What does WWE do? Turn him to a smiley colourful face who once again will help sell merchandise for the kids. This Sheamus will ofc make them more money, but again, its pathetic, he could have been the next stone cold tbh, a guy who loves to fight and who doesnt take any bullshit. But what WWE is turning him to be is beyond pathetic.

    3)Big Show:- The big friendly giant. Although i dont hate this character so much, this is once again a money boosting strategy for WWE. The big friendly giant will be loved by the kids and help them sell more merchandise than the angry fearsome giant or the face but no-bullshit attitude giant.

    4)Drew Mcintyre/ Christian = Yes ofcourse, why give them push? They have the talent, they have two of the best entrance musics of the decade, the have the in ring skills, they have what it takes to be top draw faces or top draw heels, but ofcourse the days when these stuff mattered are gone, its all about selling to the kids, and these guys obviously wouldnt sell well to the kids. They can fight, but they wouldnt make them the money. So keep christian out of the show and turn Drew into an arrogant playboy, ofcourse wwe doesnt have a huge number of arrogant playboys, dolph ziggler, jon morrison, cody rhodes, miz, none of them are arrogant are they?

    5)Talent Hunt = Since when did the talents become so talentless? The first and foremost thing about being a wwe wrestler is that u HAVE to have some sort of gimmick. Why would anybody take talents like Alex Riley, Evan bourne etc seriously if they dont have any gimmick? No gimmick wrestlers were strictly for Cruserweight division of smackdown, which doesnt exist anymore, atleast it was a stepping stone for talents. Great wrestlers always come with a gimmick, very few are exception. HHH, Taker, Kane, Jericho, Flair, Hogan, Stone Cold, Kurt, Brock, Benoit, etc all of these all time greats debutted with some sort of gimmick. Very few like The Rock are exceptions, so give them a gimmick for god's sake.
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  2. Liked, great post (some of it).

    You can be HQ at times and I like that. Not sure why no one replied to this. The main thing I despise at the moment is the lack of gimmicks and the generic face/heels. All faces are turning into smiley guys who can't do no wrong. All heels are turning into cheating cowards who do anything not to compete. They ruined a great thing in Mark Henry, he was drawing his tits off and they turned him into a coward heel.

    Nice post though JeebaK.
  3. Actually a good post. I agree some of these guys need a gimmick. Maybe not a gimmick but just some life to them. Personally, I think Cena would make a great heel but I can't see it happening.
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