What the hell is with Cena's Attitude Adjustment..?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CYERON, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I cant understand what's the secret behind it.. whats the difference between a Superplex from the top rope and Cenas AA..?

    B players survive from a huge Superplex from top rope but A+ players get finished by AA...? :rollins:

    Please somebody clear my doubt. Thanks! :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. It's a finishing move. Finishing moves are set up to end matches. In the pure physical aspect a superplex is more powerful, but for the telling of the story the finisher is the end all be all.
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  3. Yeah that's how it was called in years ago. Now it's AA.
  4. It is a bit ridiculous sometimes but hey its a part of wrestling.
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  5. I do agree, when i first started watching Cena and he did he's FU. i was like "That's just a normal fireman carry.". but It's really an illusion to show that as Stopspot said to make the wrestler more powerful.
  6. He's the best so OUCH man that fireman's carry hurts.
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  7. Back body drops are better.
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  8. don't hate on lame finishers guys, take a look at the Stone Cold Stunner? People's Elbow?... I don't think those two hurts either
  9. Nothing beats The Worm for lame. But I still used to go crazy for that move.
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  10. Yeah... too cool once was the hottest thing on Raw at one point.
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  11. Did Scotty ever win a match with that lol? I remember the hip hop drop winning a few.
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  12. Greatest moment ever, wait can this become a too cool tribute thread?
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  13. Yes he did... Scotty can still go today,He's a fireman now
  14. Honestly cant remember it seems like the action always continued afterwards.
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  15. What year was that? I remember watching it and going crazy for that moment.
  16. 2000, I remember loving Too Cool as a kid such chances are I went apeshit too lol.
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  17. Its the whole stupidity of the glasses an putting them on Rikishi that used to get me I loved it haha.
  18. Scotty is a fireman... Cena uses a fireman a carry...coincidence?
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  19. Lame finishers.....the mandible claw, anybody? I'll bring that up since somebody's already brought up the Worm and the People's Elbow.

    How about the fact that Jake Roberts used a DDT (in fact, my understanding is that he innovated it), no jumping, no tornado, no double-arm/single-arm, and nothing fancy. It was just a DDT. And nobody ever kicked out of Jake Roberts' DDT. Now, everybody uses the DDT, but the only times it's used as a finisher is if there's something special to it (Dude Love and Cactus Jack used a double underhook DDT; Raven used the "Evenflow DDT", which was just a flowing snap DDT). So, this is not a new phenomenon.

    Finishers are designed to be moves that a performer can use and look good using and that the fans will come to associate with the end of a match for climactic and ring psychology purposes.

    For what it's worth, prior to coming to WWE, CM Punk used a move called the Pepsi Plunge, which was basically a Pedigree from the second rope. The story I heard is that HHH demanded he come up with a new finisher when he was brought in to OVW because he didn't want the Pedigree to look lame when the new guy was doing it from the second rope. Thus, Punk borrowed the GTS from KENTA.

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