What the hell was that!?

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  1. WTF?? AJ Calls out Punk and they roll an 8 minute recap of RAW then go straight to Show vs Khali? What the hell was that crap. Might as well have just played the recap, why call Punk out and then mid entrance go to recap!!
  2. lol #wwelogic
  3. Punk may have had a picnic with AJ in the middle of the ring, the length of the damn recap.
  4. That wasn't a recap, it's a Twilight comparison.
  5. #SmackDownLogic
  6. A craptacular moment on a generally terrible show from a substandard company which we all watch because we're brainless sheep.
  7. Show vs Khali? Holy overused boring monsters Batman.
  8. Basically they couldn't think of anything to enhance or move the storyline on before Sunday so they had a giant recap that sucked major!
  9. lol People still watch Smackdown?
  10. look like someone is butthurt :True: :pity:
  11. I missed that part but RAW is better anyway. Khali vs Show was boring, for those who cba watching it, here is the result:

    Show Spoiler
    Big Show knocks out Khali and wins
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