What the hell was with that ending?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Were they selling HHH's fainting and stuff as a stroke? That was the most weird ending of RAW I've seen in a while. HHH would rather sell a stroke than lose to his opponent :lol1:
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  2. I think they were going towards a concussion or something. Since they were talking alot about Triple H trying to protect his jaw which Brock hit with the hammer at ER. Axel also went alot for the head so that seems to be the most logical explanation to me. It was a bit of a clusterfuck though.
  3. I pissed in HHH's water bottle, and someone who saw it told him. That's why I wasn't at the live thread.
  4. A bit of a clusterfuck? Jesus it looked full blown retarded, lol.

    The crowd were like "Uhh, okay... HHH?"
  5. When I said a bit, I was of course being generous. It was very much a clusterfuck. It's something that Heyman will be able to spin anyways."My new client hits so hard he gave Triple H a concussion!" or something like that.
  6. Yeah I hope Heyman destroys him for it. I was cringing watching it this morning, it must have been ten times worse live.
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    I sat in my office chuckling as I watched it. I think I picked up on what was going on (the supposed concussion which is what WWE.com is also hinting at so I am going with that) pretty quickly and was begging the commentary team to sell it in some way that wasn't "something is wrong with Triple H, da hell?" Just having had Cole or JBL say something to drive it forward would have helped it.
  8. The bit that was most retarded was the commentators selling it too early. He was just going about his business okay and Cole goes: "Guys, it looks like something is wrong with Triple H".
  9. The angle apparently was OK. McAxelHennigicutty hit him in the face a few times outside, and that shook up the concussion Brock gave him with the sledgehammer and he couldn't continue.

    The problem was the way the commentary completely no-sold it, seriously Tenay could have been a better job. They just stayed quite and it was really confusing. If Cole would have simply said "oh my god, the concussion. Triple H is really messed up, guys" it would have been so much better.

    Nitpicking: How cool would it have been if Axel had thrown him in the ring and pinned him or if he or Heyman would have gotten in his face about it?
    But in the end he avoided the shovel, isn't that the best we can ask for?
  10. Whilst HHH was basically dying, Axel should have just laid into him. Though the trouble with doing this is HHH will naturally have to get revenge, and i don't want Heyman involved with the bury machine any more.
  11. Best case scenario is HHH goes away for a long while and Perfect Jr. gets to claim he put him on the shelf. Problem is we know whose ass HHH's shovel is going up when he returns if that is the case.

    I really can't see a way out of this burial for Curtis. HHH is going to get his.
  12. Yes it was confusing and retarted, but HHH completely sold that injury. That bit was pretty amazin' but the whole thing is still just :dafuq:...
  13. I think it was a nice idea, just badly executed.
  14. Yeah I'm still very unclear on what HHH was supposed to be selling in that instant. He just looked like he had no idea how to act out the scene, so in the end it just looked very disorganized and lead to a lot of confusion. Once they come out with what "happened" to HHH then I'll finally understand it :lol1:

    I assume they'll go with him suffering from a concussion.
  15. I thought it was great. HHH was selling an injury and Axel wasn't put 6 feet under.
  16. He was drunk. Or high. Punk gave him some drugs. Da punk dealer ftw
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