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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Why did Team Freakshow go over AJ & Big E?

    Why does Ziggler get zero tv time on Raw aside from 3 seconds backstage watching the terrible mixed tag match?

    So not only does Ziggler not get the chance to build momentum for his shitty SS match, but WWE buries his opponents so even if he goes over it won't mean shit because fucking Great Khali just made Big E look like a bitch

    also, anyone notice the 'We Want Ziggler" chants in the Real Americans match? Fuck you WWE, pieces of shit
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  2. It certainly wasn't a match I saw coming. It left the Natalya/Brie match to be announced and promoted in one backstage segment and left Ziggler out entirely.

    Surely the logical thing would have been to take out Natalya and put her in a match with Brie which ended in a DQ/no contest due to interference, therefore leaving AJ and Big E to have some kind of stand-off with Ziggler and Kaitlyn. Even if it was just Ziggler and Kaitlyn interfering in a Langston match?
  3. Maybe there saving him for smackdown to encourage more people to watch that?
  4. If so, it failed.

    Can't believe I'm saying this... but it was the right call. If they're trying to establish Nattie as the face of the Divas then surely we all can get behind that, she needed the clean win here.
    And lets be honest, would you care about this match any more if DZ set it up? I wouldn't. Maybe he could have got a backstage segment, but berating someone on the mic who just lost a match seems silly. Otherwise he'd just be beating up some jobber, yippie.

    Lets just hope this feud ends and Dolph can get that spotlight he deserves after Summerslam. Don't hold your breath.
  5. It was one of those things that was bad but I just really laughed at it like "wat lol" instead of getting pissed. Mainly because it just made the build for a match no one cares about worse, so yeah, no one cares. But it was a bit weird. Although Nattie making AJ tap clean was cool.

  6. I can almost understand AJ losing to Natalya, but why the fuck didn't Big e beat the shit out of Khali?
  7. Okay, to be honest I didn't see this. Saw AJ and Khali come out and immediately left, read the recap that said Nattie got the clean win despite the botched finish (not quite as embarassing as Total Divas, though.) Didn't know that happens.

    Here's a list of all the good reasons why Khali should have embarassed Big E:
  8. I noticed that. I hope they don't throw him under the bus. He is one of the best wrestlers they have right now. He should be up there with Cena, Punk and Daniel Bryan and he's not which makes me believe wwe is not using him correctly.
  9. Also... I enjoyed seeing Natalya fight in a match and win. She deserves that. She deserves more than being a side show freak story line girl. She is one of the most dedicated women wrestlers to walk through that door and its a shame they are not using her like they should be. When she retires they will have wished they used her at max till then and they will certainly miss her talents and dedication in and outside of the ring. She wasn't just a model turned semi-wrestler... She is a wrestler doing what she loves, not for the perks but for the actual love of wrestling. That is rarely seen in the women's division. I can only think of a handful that weren't ex-models or ex-cheerleaders who only got signed because of their looks.
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  10. D'Z's avatar was his real reaction after Raw when he saw that Ziggler wasn't in a match or doing something interesting.
  11. So that he could work against the PTP with Kofi on superstars it seems.
  12. WWE have absolutely no idea wtf to do with Ziggler. So demoralising.
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