What the WWE Has Taught Me About Life...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nice Person, Dec 23, 2015.

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  1. A) Bullies win...

    B) Cheaters win....

    C) Refs are spineless milksops........
  2. :cenanope:
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  3. You shouldn't learn anything about life from a company like WWE.
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  4. D) Everyone should undergo a gender reassignment surgery!
  5. E) It's okay to attempt murder, commit necrophilia, assault people and rape announcers...if it's broadcasted on international TV! :bischoff:
  6. A) Micheal Jordan

    B) Patriots

    C) NFL refs.

    :true: :obama:
  7. [​IMG]

    I guess it is safe to say be needed to take this literally.... By becoming famous.
  8. John Cena taught us all to Never Give Up :supercena:
  9. WWE taught me that mocking authority figures is a good thing to gain popularity and friendz :happy2:

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  10. :shock2: No gender reassignment's? What?!
  11. Being a billionaire = being the same as creating the world, and everything that inhabits it. :psycho:
  12. When RVD throws a chair at you, just bat it away and take a step back.
  13. It's morally and ethically acceptable to assault someone with a harmful object just as long as they tried to use it on you first.

    Also, it's apparently A-OK to hit your boss if he or she is being an asshole.
  14. OH YEAH?!?!?!?
  15. A) Looks matter
    B) Your work means nothing
    C) Your opinion never matters
  16. WWE taught me how to be a real cock sucker. And it taught me that repitive always wins... Even persistence in all the wrong areas.
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