What to do with Big Show?

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  1. Don't get me wrong I have a tremendous amount of respect for Big Show and every person that steps in that ring but when it's time, it's time. So what are WWE going to do with Big Show?

    My hopeful guess is that he will be off screen for a while maybe until RR. Where the authority will have control of the match at the end. He comes out with back up such as Roman Reigns and Turns face. He has one last rivalry with the authority and it accumulates in a Loser Leaves WWE Match at Wrestlemania between Kane and Big Show. Where Big Show finally hangs up his boots. I doesn't really matter if Kane wins as I don't see him be a active star much longer anyway.

    So what's your prediction for Big Show?
  2. Big Show returns this Sunday and helps Rollins retain against Ambrose. Simple as that, predictable as fuck.
    (I hope I'm wrong here and they end up doing something that wouldn't be this lame, though.)

    Also, more main events for Show and Kane, please! These two young, up-and-coming superstars belong there.
  3. They could release him at this point as far as I'm concerned :razer:
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  4. I think Big Show could be pretty beneficial in a part-timer role at this point. Being "The World's Largest Athlete" and the biggest man in the history of the business barring Andre, imagine if they were to utilize him in a Brock Lesnar type of capacity where he was presented as this feared competitor who was a force to be reckoned with every time he (occasionally) showed up. Big Show has always been fairly entertaining when he's actually booked like a dominant giant, so I'd be pleased to see him settle into this role from now on (after they wrap up his involvement with The Authority first, of course.)

    When Wade Keller was on Austin's podcast and they were reviewing Wrestlemania 31 together, he suggested that they should have Big Show keep winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal every year from now on to (re)establish himself as a dominant competitor and giant, and then have someone finally manage to eliminate him and end his "undefeated streak" in the match at either Wrestlemania 34 or 35 to win the battle royal in what could be a genuine star-making moment (depending on the superstar.)
  5. Let him go? I mean that's the best alternative. But, since they're keeping him. Let him fight in the mid card and help nxt guys get over.
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