What to do with Ryback.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. He's really over now as proved last night, even in a smarky city. Where do you use him? He can't just keep squashing guys like Slater and such -- no matter how competitive they're becoming.

    I personally want to see him hurry up and bury Big Show. It's too early for titles that don't mean anything for Ryback, it's all about going over "tough" heels and letting the crowd know he's a tough son of a bitch.
  2. I'd really like to see him feud with Wade, since he isn't going for titles his opening for business could be destroying who he sees as the most dominant man today in the WWE. Have them feud until RR, they draw in the first match, Ryback wins the second leading Wade to pick up the third where he ends the streak thing, it can continue after. Ideally this would be played up, leading to Wade becoming the "Streak killer" and challenging Taker. Odd as hell but I'd like it.
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  3. He should take down Khali permanently. It would be interesting to see his finishing move done on that guy. From there I'd put him in 3 on 1 situations until a more efficient storyline could be built, perhaps Mahal, Swagger, & Slater together
  4. :hmm: Let's see... I'd like to put him over Show soon, but the problem is, after their feud is done, what will he do? He'll be at Upper Midcarder level at least, and will be floating around with nothing to do again. I think he needs one or two feuds with relevant heel midcarders and then he can go over Show.
  5. Not a fan of the "streak killer" gimmick as only Ryback and Taker have streaks, but I would love him to be billed as the actually tough bare knuckle fighting heel. Tough grimey fighter vs Pure strength athlete = awesome feud, as both of them can talk too.
  6. I listened to some podcast where they said maybe they should build up Miz as a credible IC Champion over a period of at least 3-4 months and then have Ryback defeat him for the belt. Just to add my own idea to that, I say during Miz's title reign, have Ryback destroy big guys like Big Show and Mark Henry to prove how intimidating and dominant he is, and if this is booked right, fans will put two and two together and maybe start cheering for Ryback to be the one to beat Miz themselves. Then make it happen.
  7. The first part i agree, after? He has outlived his use. He is not worth a feud with DZ, DB, Punk, Cena, or anyone else worth seeing. Just keep him down to destroying people we hate, like Jinder. That way when he messes up, we dont lose anyone. I will also accept Sheamus after he loses his belt.
  8. if anyone listins to the solomosters sound of on sescoops, i agree with him put him with the miz and put the ic belt on him
  9. have him end ryders streak of what 3? 4? to start!
  10. get rid of that tard
  11. :lol1: Reads sig....:dawg:
  12. give him the IC title!!!!!!
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