What to expect at tonight's RAW

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  1. Tyson grabbing the ball? Build up to WWE title? More people added to the WWE MITB? Sounds like it could be a decent RAW. Maybe Ray will make a surprise return against Cara or Del Rio? Would drive the Latin fans bananas.

    What do you think?
  2. Pretty excited for this RAW. Any Lesnar appearance - even satellite - is worth the watch. I'm hoping AJ doesn't get involved in the WWE title picture but it's obvious she will, so naturally I'm hoping she screws the shit out of Punk as her screwing DB just doesn't make sense imo (storyline wise it does, but booking it doesn't). More people being added to MITB is needed, otherwise it's just a fatal-four-way which sucks.

    A lot can go right tonight.
  3. The MITB contestants will only be added on Smackdown. The WWE Championship, on the otherhand, is only previous title holders.. and there are just enough holders to be in that match.
  4. There are more guys that can be added to the WWE MITB. Mysterio for example is a former WWE champ, he could be used to give that match some much needed speed. Heck, do a real Russo twist and throw Rocky in there for all I care. Just get more people in that match and make it exciting.
  5. Hoping RAW will be awesome, I'll download it while I'm having my classes @ Wednesday.
  6. I believe Mysterio is a Smackdown superstar though, and only people on the same brand cam compete for the WWE chmapionship, Likewise for the WHC.
  7. The brand split is non existent. Tensai is a RAW star competing for the WHC money in the bank. Plus WWE's website classes Rey as a RAW star.
  8. Oh I see. Never knew RAW changed Rey's main show to RAW. It was Smackdown before he left. I'd like to see Mysterio and Sin Cara in a MITB match.

    Off-topic: I really hope Tensai does not win..
  9. They moved Rey to Raw, remember when he won the WWE Title just for Cena to win it back?

    Shoot, throw Triple H in there! Wouldn't mind him in this kind of match.
  10. I do now since I just looked it up. Haha totally forgot about that.
  11. I'm hoping AJ sticks by Punk's side during the build up to MITB, only to screw him out of the title after a long match where she doesn't interfere that much. Bryan wins the belt.

    Del Rio and Rey will be added to the WWE Title MITB match. Sin Cara may be added to the WHC one later, I don't know.

    Kidd being pushed, wonderful. He'll probably get another upset victory tonight.

    Next WWE Legend? Well, I want Bob Backlund to return, but if it's DDP I can dig it, I like his as well.
  12. Again I will be unable to watch this live, so I have to wait until I get home from work tomorrow evening to watch it. Tonight's show though sounds like it will be a good one, I can't wait to see Lesnar's response to HHH but I sitlll have a funny feeling we won't see him and it will be Paul.

    Also, is it the CM Punk V Bryan fight tonight? If so, I really hope Bryan wins, as he's growing on me by the day, probably one of my favorite wrestlers at the moment.
  13. I also think the answer will come either from Paul Heyman or via satellite. And no, Punk vs Bryan will take place at MITB.
  14. Cheers, I thought it was tonight for some reason, not sure why though :S. Still, it'd be great to see AJ screw punk over and hand Bryan the title.
  15. Confirmed for tonight’s show is Teddy Long as General Manager. Like Long, but this is irrlevant

    Brock Lesnar’s official response to Triple H’s SummerSlam challenge. Neither Triple H or Lesnar are listed to appear live so Lesnar’s response may come via satellite. Don't care

    WWE is also advertising Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio for tonight to help boost ticket sales with the local Spanish population. Another Sin Cara squash? Yawn. Alberto... depends on what he does

    * Does AJ Lee hold any motivation going into the WWE Title match at Money in the Bank? Will this storyline end at Money in the Bank?

    * More on the WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Will more names be announced? There better be. Shit, throw Sycho Sid in there so he can try to do a spot of the top of the ladder and break his leg again.

    * Who will be the next WWE Legend to return and face Heath Slater? SSDD

    * Tyson Kidd pushes for more competition after qualifying for the World Heavyweight Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match And, with one sentence, WWE has again made me interested enough to watch their product. Could this be a legitmate Tyson Kidd mid-card push, and not just using him to fill a spot? YES!
  16. I certainly fucking hope so.
  17. Source

    A explanation to were the fuck he's been? :haha: And maybe the start of the end of his and Kofi's reign, or at least they giving Kofi a temporary partner perhaps.
  18. Percy Watson or we riot. It's the perfect way to introduce that guy.
    It'll probably be Ryder, but there's no point to that. It doesn't really make sense. Ryder already has a tailor-made opponent in Sandow, and he doesn't fit with Kofi at all.

    Then again, neither did R-Truth.
  19. If there's a substitute partner it'll probably be Zack Ryder, just like in recent house shows.
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