What to expect for 2014 in WWE?

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  1. I think what will happen between the Orton championship I feel he will win at WrestleMania but then be challenged by John Cena at extreme rules in an I quit match an Cena will win this and then will be challenged by Orton, Batista, and Daniel Bryan. I think CM Punk will return back when the authority is no longer run by Triple H and will be put into play in the 3rd or 4th quarter in 2014. I feel Money in the Bank this year is going to be interesting so I feel either the Miz or Rey Mysterio should win this because both need to recover fast before they go cold. I feel if the Miz wins this Alex Riley would return back and that would be really funny because every Raw Miz would do the awesome thing and then he would do the Miz belt and I thought he was a good champion he made things entertaining. Rey Mysterio would love to be back as well and if he was the champion I feel it would be interesting. Those are the two that id like to see champ again. Now for the shield I think they will end up collapsing only Romain Reigns will be on the WWE at the end of 2014 because WWE seems to be promoting him more than the rest. The Wyatt's will continue to do their thing take down one by one but I feel at one point everybody who they've taken down will have had enough so they'll all team up on Bray Wyatt like Kane, Daniel Bryan, Cena, Shield, etc.. I feel Triple H will loose to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania unless he's in good shape because Bryan is on fire so this should be at 9 out of 10 if this happens probably the best match for the PPV. The Undertaker will beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and you wont see him until next year. I feel Lesnar vs. Undertaker is a 6 out of 10 match not like Undertaker vs. Triple H in WrestleMania 27 which was my 10 out of 10 as well as HBK in 25. I feel well see a return from Evan Bourne pretty soon. Another return I feel is Jericho probably. As for the divas it'll continue to be boring unless they get AJ Lee rid of the title which they probably wont. The biggest comeback I wanna see personally is Edge I would love to see him on weekly raw again he was great to watch him fight. Some cold people will be Bad News Barret who is funny but never fights. Ryback who doesn't need a Ryback but a comeback. Sin Cara and Christian. I see Sheamus being the next enemy for the Wyatt's I don't know why I just di it'll be another win for Bray plus I see Bray winning in WrestleMania against Cena Bray is on fire too but never count Cena out. I see this being the last year for Del Rio unless Riccardo Rodrigues was back but no more of him. Tag Team championships is kind of boring now. This should be a pretty good year if it turned out this way.
  2. 2014, which has been said a lot last year and I'll say it this year will be a BIG year for WWE. To be honest, I think WWE is gonna have a brand split return sooner or later and I hope it's sooner as in this year. I predict that if SHIELD isn't teaming up at 'Mania then they are gonna have a lengthy feud from 'Mania to Summerslam. I could see the US title exchanging between all 3 at least once and at MITB they could have one of them win the MITB and it could lead to them ditching the US Title and having one last big Triple Threat at Summerslam for the briefcase. Plus, I predict that at least 2 of them will be in the classic Survivor Series match and they'll go head to head. Maybe, they'll just have a SHIELD triple threat at each of the big four.

    Bo Dallas is probably going to debut but not until he becomes the first 2x NXT Champion. I don't see Sami Zayn being brought up this year no matter what anyone says. I know that I'm a huge El Generico mark and I love Sami Zayn but I see him being like a "Main Eventer" in NXT til after 'Mania 31. I could see Ascension being brought up. They are amazing and I would love to see the Tag Division be built up and if a brand split happens it could provide much more to the division in my opinion.

    Wyatt Family will go strong in 2014. I honestly could see the Wyatt Family going on for years. It'd be so weird seeing Rowan with a Singles run. Harper could have a little singles run in my opinion but not with a title. Like, in one of those, Rowan & Bray are injured type of runs. But eh, Rowan & Harper are becoming Tag Champs and Wyatt could possible become a World Champ if they split up the world titles.

    Ryback. I really hope Ryback gets injured and comes back as a machine or unstoppable monster again. I could have seen him capturing WWE Title gold in 2013 if they didn't give him that stupid PPV Losing streak. I'm so confused on why he lost to Mark at 'Mania... so dumb. Unless, they were using it for Henry to say in his retirement speech. Heyman would have been great for a machine Ryback. But, I gotta admit, I fucking love the "Big Guys" Ryback gimmick but it totally destroyed him. I think Ryback & Curtis Axel need to find Heyman after 'Mania and have him help them get Tag Gold.

    Lesnar, AM I the only one who thinks that he'll slowly start appearing at more and more shows? I wish he would capture the gold and WWE will be like, now that you have the gold, you got to at least show up to at least on Raw inbetween the PPVs. Heyman can do the rest. Imagine him having a different opponent at each PPV, Lesnar vs. Bryan, Lesnar vs. Batista, Lesnar vs. Orton, Lesnar vs. Ziggler (Dream), Lesnar vs. Ryback lol, Lesnar vs. anyone in The SHIELD. God damn, it could be a big year for Lesnar. Especially with a possible Rock vs. Brock at 'Mania 31.

    John Cena, I think Wrestlemania 30 is gonna show Cena the light and he's probably not gonna be in any title match of this year. I could legitly seeing him facing an Upper midcarder at each PPV. Imagine having a great Rollins vs. Cena at a PPV or Reigns vs. Cena. I would love for Ambrose to be taken seriously but he's pretty much been the one that loses the matches for The SHIELD which makes me cry :emoji_cry:

    Daniel Bryan, let's admit it. Bryan is gonna be WWE Champion for at least 3 PPVs this year starting at Extreme Rules. Just admit it.

    Finally, Orton & Batista, I could see Orton winning over tons of fans at 'Mania 30 if he uses Batista's heat to his advantage and WWE could also build Batista to be a SUPER heel if they use the heat right also. Have Triple H screw over Orton at 'Mania and have Batista act like HHH wasn't apart of it. He wins the title and is like "I love you guys, thanks for cheering for me." Next night, he walks out with that badass vest and he's like "SUCK MY DICK FANS!"

    AHHH! 2014 is gonna be so amazing.
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  8. WWE is doing (no pun intended) what's best for business! We saw there greatest (1997-2003) and we know they can always be better! but they won't change even if they did finish off the PG era their to much of the business type guys. They know what makes money and they squeeze until it dies, Cena on the other hand still makes them millions! WWE doesn't go off of talent anymore, they don't go by what's over like they once did, they go by money. If they really cared about the talent why didn't they hire Joey Ryan, one of the most over and talented indy wrestler today? Because they didn't see him as the guy who can make millions. Dolph Ziggler got the title when his merch was hot. Alberto's merch died and his title reign and character died. Mysterio merch dies his jobber status begins. WWE won't change unless we change. Everyone who says Cena sucks just says it. They chant the Cena sucks chant and that provokes the Cena fans and their you go. Think of it like Cops, One gang (Cena Haters) are messing around, which provokes the other gang (Cena Lovers) and they fight (Chant) against each others, the cops come arrest everyone (Acknowledge the chant) and they get money and it makes news (Merch sales go up and Cena goes over in the end)
  9. are you actually Dolph omg whats up
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  10. 2014 will be amazing....because DB and Punk will reign supreme....then...now....forever....
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