News What to Expect on the July 25th Episode of SmackDown Live

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  1. WWE heads to The Coliseum in Richmond, VA for tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live. Here are the focus points for the show:

    • Who will step up to challenge Jinder Mahal?
    • Will AJ Styles continue his pursuit of the United States Championship?
    • How will The New Day’s title win change Team Blue’s Tag Team division?
    • Who blindsided The Fashion Police?

    Check back here at 8PM ET for our live play-by-play coverage of the event.

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  2. I hope they took the U.S. title off AJ so he could challenge Mahal for the WWE title. At least if it's not at Summerslam, then maybe at the next PPV after. Smackdown NEEDS AJ Styles as their champion.
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  3. Well yes, AJ Styles did lose to Kevin Owens however both shoulders weren't down. So I'm sorry but it looks like he'lll be getting an impromptu rematch either later today or another SmackDown Live. As far as SmackDown Live NEEDING AJ Styles as its champ, nah I can't agree. I mean he did well already when he was champion and all but let's move that title around some more before he regain it.
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