What to happen with the Championship?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrayGingguy, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Hard to know after RAW whats going to happen with the title..
    Looks as if Orton and Batista are kind of allies now?
    Possibly no title defence at ER?
    8 Man tag team match with Shield/DB vs Evolution/Kane in the main event?
    Whats everybody's thoughts on this?
  2. Hunter will challenge Bryan at ER with a big stipulation. Think it'll be Orton/Tista/Kane vs. The Shield too.
  3. Bryan versus HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with a stipulation added (since it's Extreme Rules and all.) I'm guessing just a normal No , no holds barred street fight. No reason to get too fancy.

    And The Shield versus Batista, Randy Orton and Kane, probably a tornado-style tag team match.
  4. I think HHH will challenge for it again. Wish he'd win it :okay:
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  5. HHH to win at ER I love Bryan but a world where HHH is champ and Batista and Orton are Tag Champs is so much nastiness it just oozes greatness.
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  6. If Triple H is not going to win the WWE WHC at Extreme Rules, I swear to god, I'm so done.

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    #Bitch Slap
    #Don't fuck with me Nigga


    #Triple H is for the champ
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  7. Didn't expect to see so many people behind HHH. Do people just not believe DB is a big enough guy to be champion? Surely after all this build up he will get a longer reign than 4 weeks?
  8. It will either be Triple H, Orton or Tista for the belt. IMO Wyatt is the heel that has proven to make an interesting feud with Bryan and I hope they revisit a Bryan Bray feud. I mean that RR Match
  9. Definitely agree. That match is still my candidate for match of the year even after WM30.
  10. I see Triple H fighting Bryan for the title at ER. Maybe Steel Cage or something to that affect. Triple H wants retribution and as of now, he feels that he can't trust in Orton or Dave to do so.
  11. Particularly for me, it's nothing against Bryan. I'm already a mark for Hunter and he's the best heel in wrestling, so a reign would be pretty fun in my opinion.
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