What type of coin is this and Where did this Originate From?

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  1. Front:
  2. That is a 1895 Austria 10 Heller coin
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  3. Are these Rare at all to find?
    This one I hv looks like whoever had it before, put a hole as if it was used for a necklace. I've never seen anything like it before and Im willing to keep it awhile longer yet..
  4. Nah you can get them online for like $4.
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  5. The symbol is a double-headed eagle for reference. A lot of older coins used this.
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  6. good to see google helped you!
  7. Hmm.., Its a very interesting coin. I've never seen one like it before.
  8. They are commonly used for jewelry and I used to make jewelry :pity:
  9. Yeah, This is was made to be strung as a necklace, Apparently. Never seen that before. Does it lose its value if its turned into an accesorie?
  10. Yeah. It doesn't have much value to begin with. A lot of the coins that don't have value today are used for necklaces/pendants for the "boho" look. It was more popular in the 90's and early 2000's though. I don't see many people using or selling coins for jewelry these days.
  11. Here is an example:

    This look was kind of taken from the Middle East/Indian women. A lot of times coins were used as charms by belly dancers too.
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  12. you should do it more. the server bill needs some extra funds.
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