What was Jericho's prime year?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Since debuting in what was then the WWF, Chris Jericho has cut some of the best promos and entertained millions in what are regarded as the best matches. The question is what was his best year from a promo stanpoint and an in ring stand point. For the promos I'd say 2008, he was cutting great heel segments in his best in the world at what I do gimmick as for the matches. Sure he started off slow as a face but as soon as he turned on Michaels, magic began to happen. In ring I'd say 2003 he put on great matches that year.
  2. I got to agree wit you seabsi think it was 2009

    Edit 2008 I'm on my phone
  3. 2003. He had that awesome beard, and yes it was his best ring year.
  4. 2003 was my personal favourite, though 2008 is so close. His mic work was unmatched.
  5. 2003 for me. Enjoyed watching his Highlight Reel. Gotta love that Jeritron 5000. Listen you "Assclowns". Hahaha. He went face later that year which I disliked but still did good as face.
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