What was one of your most embarrassing moments as a kid?

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Mine are quite tame and I can only think of two really. The first one, I don't even really remember (it's just come back to me now thinking about this), but it was in Elementary and it had to do with a presentation. We were suppose to read some writing we wrote, and we got to choose the topic, I choose mine about Orange Juice. I think I wrote two versions, one of them I don't think was even about Orange Juice but the teacher had encouraged me to read the OJ one. So when my turn came up, I wasn't able to bring myself to read the OJ one because it was too emotionally vulnerable. So I read the other one that the teacher didn't like, then immediately excused myself to the bathroom and just bolted. The only thing else I remember is coming back and the teacher not being thrilled with me.

As for the second, it happened in middle school. For context, my middle school had banned backpacks for well, security theatre. I mean, we were still allowed to bring them into school, we just had to leave them in locker, which in no way would actually prevent a school shooting and I think would've actually made it easier to bring a gun in and hide it until everyone is all crowded by the locker that way you can get multiple with a single shot. I don't push this agenda, instead I kept a little lunch bag thing around me all the time for supplies, which was allowed despite being the perfect shape and size to hide a handgun. I could've shot up the school and considering everyone said I was carrying around a purse, it was tempting. Anyway, everyone in school had an assigned locker but because I was a non-conformist, I never bothered with my locker, and when the ban came in, I just put my bag in the unused locker. So when a new kid came in, they gave him that unavailable locker, so the only way to put my bag in a locker and not get in trouble was by asking the teacher for the combination.

Here's the problem, the teacher didn't like watching but the teacher did have a teacher's pet that he liked to delegate everything too. So when I asked the teacher, he told me to go up to his pet and ask her nicely for help. Few major issues, for one, I hate asking for help, I was mainly willing to ask the teacher because I know he's paid too. Second, my friend was sat next to the teacher and laughing at my situation. Thirdly, she was sat basically at the front of the classroom, so I couldn't be covert I had to basically address the class. & fourthly, she was my first major crush and we've never conversed before, or after really. I think I handled it well, I managed to fumble out the words "locker combo" and she got the point. It was over quickly but quite frankly, I think I would've rather pissed my pants.

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I remember another time I was meant to stand in front of the class and explain time or the calendar or something and I refused because I hated standing up in front of people so my teacher sent me to the principal's office. lol

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I was Soooo Shy in Elementary school, I used to cry whenever I was chosen to do a presentation in front of the whole class. Middle school as well. Okay...My most embarrassing moment when I was a Kid. (9yrs old).. I was With my Grandmother at a McDonalds.. needed to use the bathroom. When I walked in, there were about 4 guys in the Bathroom and I remember standing in the doorway all confused wondering why there was a bunch of guys in the womens room.. One of them finally looked over and told me I was in the wrong bathroom. I had never felt so embarrassed. I wanted to leave the restaurant quickly but still had to use the Bathroom. Lol (Maybe not my MOST Embarrassing, but none the less)
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