WrestleMania What was said between The Rock and John Cena after their WrestleMania 29 match?

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  1. After their wrestlemania
    29 bout, The Rock and
    John Cena said something
    that wasn't (as far as i
    can tell) picked up on the
    ring mics.

    Does anybody know? Just
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  2. Cena said "No, listen, I've been waiting for this moment since I was 20 years old on the streets of West Newbury, thank YOU!"

    That was all I caught. I'll have another listen later when I'm actually trying to hear what they're saying.
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  3. I saw Cena saying "thank you, thank you" and Rocky saying "I did this for the people" don't know what that means... Then Rocky said the crowd "I love you"
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  4. Scripted
  5. Cena: Next year, same time?

    Rock: You know it :yay:

    Cena: :yes:
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  6. I saw The Rock said cena when they are hugging in the ring "Thank you john.. thank you". but I can't understand why did he said so even after he lising his title for John Cena!!!
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