What was Team Hell No Like?

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  1. I didn't watch from about 07-January of this year. What was the team of DB and Kane like? And how long after Kane's remasking did this occur?
  2. Well, Kane re-masked in December, and this started around August/September the following year. Basically, they were forced to team together for some reason and were always arguing, and as time went by they became good friends. It was the best thing on the show for a while, pretty fun when they attended anger management classes together. Then it got kinda stale and it ended with a friendly split.
  3. It was a pretty significant angle. Very entertaining. It was what got Bryan over with the casuals, gave him that extra bit of popularity. It also segwayed into the 'weak link' storyline which in turn led to Bryan's mainevent push (which floundered until WM, but still.)
  4. It was entertaining.
  5. Some of the segments were good. Probably DB's best as far as his character goes.
  6. Underrated, that's what it was.
  7. lmao by who may I ask? It was the #1 thing being slurped off by WWE fans for months on end.
  8. I saw a lot of hate on them for reasons like "oh, Kane's a monster wtf this isn't for him." Fuck that.
  9. Maybe on MP or whatever shitty site you were on at the time. Kane hasn't been a monster since god knows when lol.
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  10. That's what I'm trying to say, dude.
  11. It was really fun maybe lasted longer then it needed to but we got some good segments from it.
  12. Around here it was overrated if anything. Good angle, but it dragged on and became tedious. People literally could not get enough of it though
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  13. If anything a little overrated, considering there were definitely some fairly cringeworthy moments that people acted were the best thing ever.

    Over all though, it was pretty neat. Kane's surprising sophistication mixed with Dbry's crazy-awkward quirkiness worked really well.
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  14. Some of the funniest segments I had ever seen. The one time when DB busted out diagrams, and then the bit with taker. Also, the bit with Mae Young. So many good ones.
  15. I liked them, they were good and fun. It also was Bryan's face turn so...
  16. To be honest, I didn't too much care for it at the time, but I enjoy it a lot more when looking back on it. A bit tedious and cringeworthy at times, mind you, but that's sometimes the case when it comes to comedy in wrestling. The two made for a great odd pairing and Kane being the more physically dominant one and Bryan the smaller and quicker/more athletic one made for a great dynamic as a tag team. The tag team division benefitted from their presence as well since Team Hell No were one of the most over things on the show at the time and were given such a long reign with the tag team titles. Plus, it was Daniel Bryan's official face turn and it also led to the "weak link" storyline that signified the beginning (but not the culimination... we'd have to wait eight more months before that) of Bryan's main event push.

    All in all, a successful pairing, especially since their segments together (specifically the ones where they attended anger management with Dr. Shelby) were consistenly some of the most-watched portions of the show.
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