What was the best 3 stages of Hell match of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Triple H VS Stone Cold : No Way Out 2001

  2. Shawn Michaels VS Triple H : Armageddon 2002

  3. Randy Orton VS Triple H : The Bash 2009

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  4. John Cena VS Ryback : Payback 2013

  1. There were only 4 Three Stages of Hell matches in the history of the WWE, so which match was the best one?

  2. H vs Austin is possibly the best match from both men, the screwy ending was perfect.
  3. Cena and Ryback
  4. Steve Austin vs. Hunter for me.
  5. Michaels/HHH was a great match back at the end of 2002, as was their feud for the previous 3 or 4 months - probably one of the best ever. But Austin/HHH the preivous year was a superb rivalry, all the way back from 99 when he ran Austin over, then through Survivor Series when he dropped HHH on his head from the forklift. It all setup the two man power trip too, which was fantastic.
  6. You are kidding, right?
  7. Such a HHH hater.
  8. HHH vs HBK. Love that match.
  9. You mad, bro? :bury:
  10. I was kidding, Baraa.
  11. Obviously. so what is your serious answer?
  12. Austin/HHH
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  13. Austin/HHH, easily. It's one of the best matches of that year (2001 had a whole strew of good/great matches) and the finish was perfect.

    As I remember it, HHH/Michaels' match was pretty boring. Maybe it was my feelings on the Raw product at the time that gave me such a disinterest, as I was not interested in seeing either Triple H or Shawn Michaels hold the belt but rather one of the newer stars like RVD (he was still super hot at the time.) Maybe over ten years of perspective will change my opinion of it now.

    Never saw the Orton/HHH one. I took a break during this time and this must be one of the few important matches that happened then that I still haven't gotten around to seeing.

    Cena/Ryback was just moderately entertaining, just as I expected it to be.
  14. I went with that as well
  15. HHH vs Austin
  16. Michael's/HHH Two friends facing each other in that kind of matchup .
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