What was the best feud in the PG Era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. There haven't been many good ones since 2008-2009, but which feuds were the best?

    Punk and Jericho this year was pretty good, and Punk vs WWE in 2011 was what it was. There are people out there who liked Orton vs Christian, and there was the 2009 Cena vs Orton feud that was awesome despite it going on way too long. Cena vs Nexus may have piqued your interest, Edge vs Jericho, Cena vs Batista, Mark Henry vs Big Show, maybe something in the mid-card?

    As for me, 2009 CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy. Punk didn't need MITB, that feud made him a main-eventer and a half.
  2. I think it will be Bryan vs Punk, just because the matches are beautiful. :sweet:
  3. I agree with the CM Punk and Jeff Hardy feud. They made it seem so personal and you could tell these guys hated each other. Everything they did and said was real basically.

    CM Punk and Chris Jericho is also another top pick for the best feud of the PG Era, This has been personal and easily the best storyline of 2012.

    Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho's feud in 2008(?) was also amazing! Their ladder match was amazing and so were the rest of their matches.
  4. Edge/Cena.
  5. HBK vs Jericho is the best for me, but there are others, like Orton vs McMahons, Nexus vs WWE, Punk vs WWE, Punk vs Jericho...
  6. - HBK/Jericho from 2008
    - Taker/Edge from 2008
    - Punk/Hardy from 2009
    - Rey/Jericho from 2009
    - Rey/Ziggler from 2009
    - Taker/HHH from 2011-12
    - Taker/HBK from 2009-10

    And that's it. LMAO at people mentioning that awful Cena/Orton wrestlecrap. [​IMG]
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  7. Punk & Hardy
  8. WWE vs Ratings was my favorite
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  9. Ortons vs McMahons was pretty awesome actually.
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  10. Triple H vs Kevin Nash
  11. I hope you're trolling.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Legacy and Nexus. Really awesome times.
  14. attitude era fans vs PG era fans

    jk maybe Undertaker vs HBK
  15. Batista vs Cena
    Punk vs Jericho
    HBK vs Jericho
    HHH vs Orton

    Hardy vs Punk. Hardy should've won cuz I like him better than Punk but :okay:
  16. Hardy, the guy who was leaving the company should have beat Punk?
  17. Edge vs Cena.
  18. Didnt realize there were so many good ones.
  19. The best feud of the PG era has been Punk vs WWE. It was the only feud that really had people invested in it and I think that was because nobody really knew what was going to happen because CM Punk's contract really did expire...or so they say. The only things that went wrong with the feud is that CM Punk came back way to quickly. He came back two weeks after leaving. I think he came back later that would have been a little better, added more hype to that story. Another thing that went wrong was Triple H killing it. I understand that all storylines can't go on forever, but Nexus lasted about a year, why couldn't Punk's storyline, it was better? Punk's storyline got people talking about WWE again, old fans started watching again. I think that it was a huge mistake by creative. The other part to the failure was Triple H being the one to do it. Triple H is a guy who only comes in and out of wrestling. When you have someone who's not full time beating a guy who's just taking off it does nothing for the future. Cm Punk could have been such a bigger star if Triple H just put him over and perhaps had a rematch, then beat Punk.:pity:
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