WrestleMania What was the best match in the Undertakers streak?

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  1. what was undertakers best match at wrestlemania?

    and who do you think it will be next year?
  2. I'm hoping it will be someone like Barrett, and I really enjoyed his match with HHH at WrestleMania 17.
  3. i think it will be cena but i dont want it to be :emoji_slight_frown: my fav. match is prob wm 25 against hbk
  4. From the ones i have watched 28, next year MY CLIENT... BROOOOOOCKCKCKC LESNAR.
  5. that would be a match to remember but lesnar did say he is leaving WWE and never coming back


    brock would beat him
  6. Lesnar I think will be his next one.

    As for his best match, HBK v1/v2 or HHH v2.
  7. IMO the best built and most dramatic match was the original match vs Kane. Awesome feud and storyline.
  8. Hard to call... since I haven't watched every single one I'd say HHH this year or HBK, any of the two. Although there may be better ones I didn't watch.
  9. Re: RE: What was the best match in the Undertakers streak?

    Totally agree!!
  10. Randy Orton vs Taker at WM was my favorite of Undertaker's streak, That was just such a great match.. back when Randy Orton was still really cocky and called himself the legend killer.

    As for his next opponent, I'll say it will be CM Punk.. almost 100% guarenteed.
  11. Michaels at WM25 or Triple H this year. As far as build goes, I'd say the Taker/Kane build was great, but so was Orton/Taker, only because I was 50/50 on whether Orton would take the streak and was really against him doing so. The build for this year's match between HHH/Taker was also really well done.
  12. WM 20 kane vs undertaker!
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