What was the best road to wrestemania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Sep 18, 2012.

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What had the best RTWM?

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  1. SVR 09

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  2. SVR 10

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  3. SVR 11

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  4. WWE' 12

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  1. The smackdown vs raw games or WWE '12

    what had the best road to wrestlemania?

    and which characters
  2. I have no idea sorry :upset:
  3. 11 was good for the story and the free roam

    btw = nice sig
  4. I like 2011 also.
  5. I'd say 2011 as well. Not a fan of any RTWM actually if compared to older story modes but the one with the free roam was a bit superior, I think.
  6. The one where they had like 3 separate storylines in place and you can choose which superstar to use, instead of the pathetic being forced to use their stars crap.
  7. I'm gonna go completely off and say that season mode in Smackdown Shut Your Mouth for Playstation 2 was the greatest story mode ever in a wrestling game. The stories were good and plentiful. Although there was no voicer over, the quality of the stories were way better. Best part is that you could play with any superstar and go for any belt. I'd rather have that than any road to wrestlemania's because they've all been disappointing. Last year's WWE 12 story was the worse I've ever played. It was the first story mode i didn't want to play. 1 cause it forced me to play as my least favorite wrestler Sheamus and then play as the man that super pushes him, Triple H (aint that a coincidence). Then on top of that they dont even let you control how your character is. They give him this trailer trash name Jacob Cass and a personality to fit it. The only good thing was the return of WCW and that sucked too because it didn't even have many WCW names.

    I can only hope that THQ fixes this but the fact is I know they're making something identical and they think just because it's the attitude era gamers are just going to look past their shitty storyline. :pipebomb:
  8. definitely 11
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