What was the best storyline?

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  1. What was the best storyline?

    and why?
  2. Like, out of every single one?
  3. Austin/McMahon instantly springs to mind, I suppose. Out of the ones I've watched though I think I'd say Jericho/HBK. Also really enjoyed JBL/HBK, that was entertaining.
  4. Anti American Hart, loved every second of it.
  5. also some good ones are -

    Orton - HHH (Mcmahons)

    Matt - Jeff
  6. Angles count too? Backlund's heel run in '94 was great from what I've seen.
  7. To me, watching reruns because it interested me so much was the Stone Cold feud with McMahon and then I think it led to a feud with the Rock at some Wrestlemania if I'm correct. If I'm wrong feel free to correct, can't remember it well atm.
  8. the stone cold feud was awesome
  9. There's too many great ones to list them all, but two of my favorites is Austin/McMahon and Austin/Bret. No coincidence that they both contain my favorite of all time, Austin. Austin/Vince is an obvious choice. Austin/Bret was also magical. Austin was the perfect enemy for Bret, not to mention the awesome double turn at WM13 and Bret's heel turn the next night that had some reality to it. And say what you will about Bret never drawing, but Raw's ratings went up in the summer of 1997 when Bret won the belt. I know Austin was getting bigger but Bret and the Hart Foundation angle was a hot angle and I think contributed, especially since Austin got injured around this time.

    If we count WCW, then the NWO storyline, of course. Not to nitpick it or anything, but it no doubt got bloated overtime, but up until March/April 1997, it was perfectly booked for the most part. Things started to annoy me little by little after that.
  10. NWO & eventually the build for Hogan/Sting was the best thing I've ever seen in wrestling by a country mile.
  11. Austin/HHH early 2001, before it all culminated in that 3 stages of hell match....and then the 2 man power trip.
  12. MInistry of Darkness was my favorite.

  13. Ministry Taker is the most badass wrestling character ever. EVER.
  14. Claire Lynch storyline >
  15. I agree 100%
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  16. same
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