What was the first album you ever bought?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by deathclaw4721, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. Mine was Paranoid by Black Sabbath. It was also the first album that got me into heavy metal.

    I always thought the album cover was hilarious! ^_^

  2. Appetite for Destruction - Guns n Roses
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  3. Well this is the first album bought for me. I loved em growing up. It might have been the wallflowers. Can't remember. I was young.

    The first real album I bought with my own money was the the marshall mathers lp
  4. I grew up on some matchbox 20 and Wallflowers too lol. My mom loved them both.

    For me my first album was probably Coolio. I remember loving Gangsters paradise and listening to it on my aunts car. She eventually bought the album for me.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Beastie Boys.....instant classic
  6. I can't really remember it. I believe the first one I bought was a present to my mother so it must be a country album...
  7. Yup, my mother got me into them as well. They could have done alot worse. Props to dope moms
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  8. hell yea there was a lot of trash being put out around that time. Bands like the Wallflowers and Matchbox 20 were more than acceptable. My Mom actually had (I say had, she now listens to pop music my sister likes) great taste in music. Petty, the Stones, Black Crowes, ect.
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  9. First album I bought with my own money was Americana by the Offspring. No idea where it is now though :sad:
  10. Love Offspring

    especially when this song comes on XM at work


  11. This was my alarm on my phone for so long.
  12. Hybrid theory by Linkin Park was the first album I asked for from my parents, but I got a ton of sabbath, iron maiden, and guns n roses stuff from my dad. The firs I ever got by myself was recovery by Eminem
  13. I honestly can't remember but i think it may have also been a Black Sabbath album :dawg: or maybe it was Metallica :hmm:
  14. When the World Comes Down by All-American Rejects I believe. Never really bought albums, I didn't start really listening to music until several months after gaining internet access (so 2006/2007-ish) and at that point buying an album just seemed like a waste of money considering I could find them easily online.
  15. Ahh, CD had to have been Monster Magnet? :lol1:

    My first record was Common: Finding Forever, those instrumentals are so good.
  16. First album i bought was St. Anger by Metallica.
  17. I'm no fan of Metallica, but that album set their own personal low point.
  18. I'd say the first thing I bought with my own money was probably this:

    That was the shit, still have it somewhere.

    If counting things given to me, I remember getting this when I was eight or so from my mum:

    Pre' good, would recommend to all manchildren/10
  19. Blur- Best of

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