What was the last great idea/angle that WWE didn't fuck up?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. We can all think of angles that were great ideas or started hot but then turned to shit. The Nexus angle, Summer of Punk and of course most recently the Authority angle seemed to have a ton of promise but nobody seems too thrilled with how that turned out.

    So what are some angles that WWE has had somewhat recently that they didn't fuck up completely? Nothing comes to mind for me tbh.
  2. The first one that comes to mind is the Jeff Hardy/CM Punk feud in 2009, probably because Hardy left before they had a chance to screw that one up. Does that count as a big angle (or even recent)?
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  3. I wouldn't say recent since it was before I made my 'return' to watching wrestling in 2010. But that is my own personal timeframe of recent vs not.

    Idk about big either. It was SD wasn't it? How was SD viewed in 2009. I know it was a clear cut B Show by the time I started watching again. The first major angle I recall from SD in 2010 was Kane/Edge, and it felt like some C Rate shit for sure.
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    Okie dokie. That was the main Smackdown angle then, but I can't really answer how it was taken as a "B show" and all that. Being a casual you kinda see the shows as even in terms of importance, but you can't argue Smackdown was > Raw that year. Plus it main evented more PPV's than Punk did in 2012 iirc.

    Looking back on the main angles from the last years... The Nexus... Edge vs Jericho with Swagger as champ lol... Kane vs Taker... Kane vs Edge... The Winter of the Miz... The Spring of R-Truth... The Summer of Punk... Once Twice in a Lifetime... Orton vs Christian (maybe if you're a wrestling purist? Hated that feud)... the Mark Henry reign of terror... lol did WWE even have a major storyline in 2012? guess all the dumb shit Cena was doing + Brock vs Hunter... guess Punk's 434 days counts... RYBACK RULES... the Authority... Am I forgetting anything?

    Actually, you can say the Authority storyline served a purpose. As much as it's sucked, look at just how over Daniel Bryan is now largely because the fans are invested in him winning the belt. Pretty sure that wasn't what they intended on top of this storyline being bad TV, so guess you can call that fucked up too.

    Want a straw to grab? Zach Ryder's climb to the US Title.

    EDIT: What about Team Hell No or the Authority vs the Brotherhood?
  5. The SHIELD storyline is just built for awesomeness

  6. I'd say that the Shield angle hasn't been completely shot. It hit a couple of roadblocks but it has still done well to establish 3 guys as major players in a relative short while.
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  7. Cody's firing and the whole Rhodes brothers saga.
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  8. I'd say they did drop the ball with The Shield actually. Over the summer, they weren't really involved in anything, as shown by them missing the MITB & SS PPVs. I've no idea why they didn't do Shield/Wyatts as the main-event of Survivor Series, a PPV associated with tag-team matches. Would've been cool to see The Shield split exactly a year after debuting and then a triple threat match at TLC. Not sure that I like the rumoured WrestleMania match.
  9. Would you call the Shield's booking since they debuted one big angle though? If you mean the slow burn breakup angle I can get on board if Reigns goes over in a triple threat at Mania they would have handled that quite well.
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  10. When Hogan defended his WWF World title against Andre and slammed him on in the center of the ring.
  11. Once the wyatts got going they were great took them a while though
  12. It really depends on what you think would be "success" versus "fucked up". Even though I didn't particularly like the way it ended, Punk's 434-day reign as WWE Champion was a success in that it turned him from the second-highest babyface in the company when he captured the title to the most over heel in the company. I'm personally of the opinion that Cena should have finally won the belt from Punk in a turn-around from Punk's MITB win over him in 2011, but we were given "Twice in a Lifetime" instead. Having said that and given the results, I think it was a very successful storyline.

    As for the Shield break-up angle, I think it's going very well right now, but the next shoe can't drop until the Wyatts win at EC. Also, the set-up of Wyatts vs. Cena looks promising so far. The Authority "Angle" has been very successful if the point of it was to build Daniel Bryan as the guy everybody wanted to see win the WWE Championship from the Authority's Champion, because that's what he is now, so much so, in fact, that a guy who should have been a big face coming back (Batista) gets booed when he's gift-wrapped the opportunity to take it away from Randy Orton (who everybody should be/is sick and tired of as Champion).

  13. I know how bad this is gonna sound, but I think twice in a lifetime was done the best way they could. Having Cena built up for this grand match against The Rock, then losing and having to "work" his way up again. He then proceeds to win the Royal Rumble, and Rock wins the WWE Championship, thus setting the reason for their rematch. The promos weren't the greatest thing in the world, but WWE didn't fuck up the storyline in my opinion.
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  14. Cody's firing which led to the return of The Brotherhood was brilliant - the one good angle I remember the most.

    It's funny that WWE have had tons of great potential angles but they always fuck them up. Most notably for me was Ryder's US reign, the entire Maddox storyline (he ended up jobbing to Ryback, Orton, Khali before he finally became GM which is bullshit), the Authority stuff - hell, I even think that Punk vs Taker's feud would've been better if the WWE Championship was on the line. IMAGINE THAT!? Title vs Streak; biggest match of all time potential.
  15. Solid reasoning.

  16. Agreed. I had no issue with them doing a rematch either because there was still huge money to make off the feud, and the way they booked it was perfectly logical.

    As for the topic, I honestly can't think of many big angles in the past 4-5 years where there wasn't at least some flaw (although perhaps maybe a little of that is down to my own nitpicking, which I seem to have a problem with), but The Shield angle is one where things have been booked great for the most part. The beginning with them being booked to go over everyone was perfect and while many of us felt them winning the championships was a step down for the group, the way Rollins and Reigns ended up putting over Cody and Goldust huge by dropping the tag team titles to them made the belts being in the group feel like they had purpose. As long as the breakup of the group is handled right (and so far it is), then all will be dandy for this one.
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