What was the last mid-card feud as hot as Swagger vs Rusev?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Fans are interested, the segments are good, both guys getting over. When was the last time WWE had a mid-card feud like this? Months, maybe years ago, right?

    (Also, why didn't this happen shortly after Rusev debuted? He's been doing nothing for months)
  2. Why this is happening just now: They needed to establish Rusev a bit. If he went straight into feuding with Swagger in the war of America vs Russia there would be much less intrigue, since it was some random name out of NXT vs Jack Swagger, who despite his status on the totem pole is known as one of the toughest SOBs in the locker room both on and off screen (his all American accolades are almost always touted by commentary). Rusev went through the herd to make him look like a threat. And in comes papa Zeb and the Big Hoss to save America's honor.
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    I think it was wise to book him this way. Have him get over with a bunch squash victories to establish him as a monster before having a "real challenge" (if you want to call Swagger that... he and Zeb are defending America, anyway) step up to the plate. They probably didn't anticipate that Swagger would pick up this sort of momentum, though (which makes make me wonder whether he'll be able to sustain it after his rivalry with Rusev is over... I doubt it since the whole "Real American" thing isn't something that can be used to get him over in every single rivalry, assuming he and Coulter don't revert back to being heels immediately afterwards anyway.)

    Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the United States Title back in late 2011 (TLC, to be more precise) was pretty hot.
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  4. I'm not saying Rusev should've debuted like this, but that the last 2 months have been terrible for him, messing with Big E and other jobbers. They should have fast-forwarded to this feud a couple months ago.
  5. I actually came to mention this. That feud was awesome, Ziggler busted his ass to put Ryder over and try to legitimize him in the midst of his popularity boom. Then WWE jobbed Ryder out to Swagger, and Swagger to SANTINO!!!! That's the day the US title should have been tossed in the garbage.

    Daniel Bryan vs the Miz in I think 2010 was pretty sweet.
  6. Ziggler/Ryder and DB/Miz come to mind. It's funny how we get one or none interesting midcard feuds a year lol
  7. So yeah a good 3/4 years ago. Wow.
  8. Truly gifted workers in the mold of Jericho, Bryan and Ziggler are tailor fit for the mid card division.
    Zeb Coulter leaves no confusion and is very confident on the mic. In effect, both sides are 'equal' in the mind of the audience. Zeb and Lana are both well spoken and confident new comers (most aren't aware of Dutch's legacy, while Rusev and Swagger are both legit powerhouses which always draws a crowd.

    This is the perfect early 1900s circus feud. You have two shameless promoters who'd tell you anything to make a buck. With those two, you have two freaks of nature who can't be hurt by normal men. For all our talk about discrimination against small workers, giant men are always going to be an attraction. Nobody on this forum would think once of crossing either cat the wrong way even for a second.
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  14. Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow which then turned into The Rhodes Family vs The Authority was pretty sweet, great matches, crowds loved Cody and his family and I remember that Smackdown which was dedicated towards Cody and Damien. Before that, Ziggler vs Ryder for the US title which everyone above me already said.... and WWE ruined it. Ryder was one over boss right there, and Ziggler didn't even look bad.
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  15. Cody v Sandow is a good shout. The Rhodes bros vs. The Authority was hardly a mid-card feud though.
  16. I can't believe The Rhodes vs The Shield slipped my mind. It definitely counts as a midcard feud. It did main event one episode of Raw, but then so did Trish vs Lita for the Women's Championship back in the day (as did a horrendous bout between Kane and Snitsky.) "Main Event', 'Midcard', 'Lowercard', etc. is determined by where your feud ranks in importance compared to all the other ones on the show and this one wasn't the most important rivalry on the show (although it came close to being so at the time.) I know The Authority played a huge part in it, but that doesn't prevent it from being midcard. It was for the Tag Team Championships, after all.
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  17. 'hot' most diva feuds.

    srs, Jericho/Rey
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