Movies What was the last movie you watched?

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  1. The title pretty much speaks for itself..

    Tell us the last movie you watched and your thoughts on that movie.

    I'll start out.. the last movie I watched was "Get On Up: The James Brown Story".. the movie was brilliant and showcased every point in James Brown's career.. from the height to his downfall and subsequent uprising. Chadwick Boseman was awesome in the lead role and should be nominated for Best Actor when the Oscars roll around again.


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  2. I watched Non-Stop (with Liam Neeson) just a few hours ago. Thought it was a very good thriller with a lot of suspense but the third act was rather underwhelming, specifically because of the identity and motive of the killer(s.) I'd still recommend it for anyone looking to kill a couple of hours, though.
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  3. The Test.

    Personally I didn't think I would like it and found the concept very confusing at first, However it's almost like a puzzle and when you are watching it, you are sort of playing along with them. Trying to figure out what exactly is the plot. At the end of the movie I found myself wanting to watch it again, but I had class.

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  4. A chick talked me into goin to Guardian of the Galaxy last night. Suffice to say it wasn't my cup of tea, but I knew that going in. I told her stupid ass we should have gone to Get on Up, but what does my opinion count? I was only paying for the tickets
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  5. Infernal Affairs

    There is double-crossing a-go-go between the Hong Kong Police force and a major criminal gang.
    It's complex, damatic and never dull.
    The Departed was the American remake, but Infernal Affairs is by far the greater of the two.
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  6. I adore Infernal Affairs bought it when it first came out and said to my brother that hollywood should be making flims like this and they did lol. Just a really terrfic tense intelligent thriller, have you checked out the prequel and sequel?, they are great as well.
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  7. Not yet, but I intend to.
  8. I'll check it out but I sincerely doubt the departed is somehow inferior, but then again I'm a Scorcese mark and IMO you can't beat that cast he put together
  9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, was a good watch, although I never saw the first one with James Franco...
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  10. Saw world war Z. Went into it with zero expectations, wasn't the best movie ever but I was never bored.
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  11. Mike bassett England manager one of my favourite films ever pretty much sums up England as a football team
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  12. Lawless staring the kid from the disney show with the hot sister (Shia Lebuff?) and Tom Hardy.

    That movie kicked some serious fucking ass. Great flick.
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  13. Benson and Hedges. LMAO!
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    Watched 2 movies last night...

    #1. Batman: Assault on Arkham... this is the newest DC Animated feature film.. I love what they are doing at, both, DC and Marvel in their animation departments.. bringing some of the best graphic novels and comic story lines to life. This film was very good at not only delivering the action, with spectacular fight scenes.. but bringing out the best in every character as Batman faced a plethora of villains including Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Black Spider, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, Killer Shark... and, of course, The Joker. The violence was amped up more than previous releases.. the story excellent. I give this a 8/10.

    #2. Hercules starring The Rock. I was very disappointed by this film. While the action was good, the dialogue and overall story were very poor. I give this film a 4/10.
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  15. The Raid.

    It's set in South Korea (I think) and a special forces team go into a high complex building for a drug bust. Lots of Action in this film and the plot is alright, with one major plot point turning the objective around for the soldiers.
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  16. Thailand.. and, yes, I recommend this movie for sure. There's a part 2 out I haven't watched yet.. I need to get on that.
  17. Watched a couple movies last night.

    #1 - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".. this movie was not terrible, but it wasn't great either. They tried to keep some of the original Turtles flair but I believe they failed at it. The look of the new Turtles just kept making me cringe throughout the film... Splinter and Shredder were both handled well though. The story was somewhat lacking as was the acting... I'll give this one a 5/10.

    #2 - "Lucy".. this movie was a mind fuck.. and, boy, did I enjoy it. Scarlett Johansson was very good in this film as was Morgan Freeman. The story was a bit erratic but well put together at the same time. The action sequences were on point.. the sci-fi element meshed well. It's always intrigued me what could be possible if humans could use an increased amount of brain capacity.. this movie took that intrigue and quadrupled it. It left so many things to think about. I give this film a 8/10.
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  18. I watched The Conjuring earlier... it was awful. Typical demon/exorcist movie.. a lot of cheap scares and using little kids to try to instill fear in the audience.. As will always be the problem with these movies, they depend on the build up to be tense but once the climax of the movie comes it is anticlimactic.

    Not worth the time, I give that shit a 0.5/10. I'm shocked ot see this piece of shit film get solid ratings on RT and IMDB. For shame. I guess if you enjoy this shit tier genre of film you may be entertained. I tried to get a "same old shit" chant started but nobody else was feeling it.

    I also saw Private Parts, as it was on right after. Not the first time I've seen it, probably the 4th or 5th, but it is hilarious and awesome. 7/10 movie.
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  19. I would never watch Lucy based on the terrible tag line. If you think people only use 10% of their brains you are sorely mistaken.
  20. lmao Rock was the lead in that? All I heard is that it was dogshit and I moved forward.