What was the most eerie thing in WWE History

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  1. This is from your personal experience, and what you found just plain weird, as in deathly weird.

    I remember it was October 5th or 6th (night after IYH: Bad Blood) and i cam home late and missed the Brian Pillman thing, so i came home wondering why Brian wasn't with the Hart Foundation who came out later on to confront Michaels.

    So i asked my brother who was watching from the beginning, and he said he was dead, and i just seems so darn weird, i remember they had a Chicago house show days before IYH and i saw Brian and he tor up a sign which belonged to a guy next to me and now he's gone, 4 Hart Foundation members not 5, it just seemed really Eerie.

    Brian Pillman
  2. Watching the PPV that Owen Hart died at. I forget the name of it, but I remember them cutting to the crowd, and just nothing. Eventually, J.R. explains what happened, and announces he had died later on in the night. Was just hard to watch seriously after, and the wrestlers were clearly affected.
  3. It was Over The Edge. And I completely agree. That was hard to watch.
  4. When Lawler nearly died...that was eerie and uncomfortable to watch.
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