What was the REAL Main Event Sopost to be for WrestleMania 13!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. What was the REAL Main Event Sopost to be for WrestleMania 13!? Ok for years now I had different storys about what the Main Event was really sopost to be for WM13. And looking back on how WM13 was builded it was kind of FUCK UP if u ask me. I mean at 1st it seen like that were moving toward a HBK vs. Bret Hart Main Event Rematch for the WWF Champion, Then it seen that Stone Cold would main Event for the WWF Title a 1 earlyer before he would become the face of the WWF compuy, Also at the sametime it feel like that where pushing Undertaker to the WWF Title at this time even though he never won Royal Rumble that year that were building as if it was Undertaker time to shame, Also I heard it was sopost to be HBK vs. Undertaker at WM13 for the WWF Champion if he did not get injury (Does anyone know if this is true or have heard uh it?). It safe to said Sid would not have main event as WWF Champion if HBK had not got injury b/c why have HBK win the WWF Title at the Rumble to just have Sid win it back? Does now make sesne. So what have you got heard about this? And came anyone shed same light for me on this mysteries!?​

  2. I think the plan was Bret getting his win back from Shawn.
  3. Do u have a source?
  4. Yep, but Shawn never wanted to job to Bret so he came up with his "injury" just like he "lost his smile" the first time he was supposed to job.
  5. Not a credible one but I suppose this will do


    It seems logical that Bret was due to pick up his win and Shawn didn't feel like jobbing, why else would he lose his smile? It's for the best really as Austin / Hart was probably the most important match post Andre / Hogan in the WWFs history.
  6. I heard that it was a really knee injury? That not true? On HBK DVD that said he could have not be able to walk again if he did not sugary on his Knee.
  7. It's difficult to tell with Shawn even to this day, he has a very sketchy past.
  8. Heard alot time people saying that it was sopost to be Taker vs. Shawn was sopost to face at WM13 for the WWF Title? If this was true Are talking about Streak today?
  9. It was "sopost" to be a Bret/Michaels rematch from the previous year with Bret getting his win back, but since Michaels didn't want to job to Bret, he "lost his smile" and forfeited the title. The plan for Austin in that case was wrestling Rocky Maivia for the Intercontinental title. And Rocky was so hated by that point that Austin crushing him for the belt would have likely done as much to make Austin the #1 baby face as refusing to Bret would have, although that wasn't their plan, of course.

    Once HBK lost his smile, there was even talks of doing Undertaker/Sid as just a normal big man match and having Bret/Austin's I Quit Match be for the championship. Personally, I think this would have been best. Nobody talks about Taker/Sid because the match and storyline behind it sucked, whereas Austin and Bret's match was a classic and is known as one of the best matches of both men. Austin refusing to give up not only because he didn't want to lose to Bret but also because he didn't want to lose his big chance to become world champion slip away would make him passing out even more iconic.
  10. I can see the streak ending if that was the case Shawn was a master politician at this time.
  11. Then when was Undertaker getting the WWF Title!? I think that should have don't Bret vs. Taker for the WWF Title. As for HBK injury it was not a fake injury! IT WAS REALLY! That even say it in his DVD and show the X-Ray! I am sick of people saiding it was a faked injury! WHEN IT WAS NOT!
  12. No way was Austin/Bret bigger than Hogan/Warrior or Hogan/Savage or others. It did help get Austin over and Austin screaming in pain with blood running down his face is one of the most iconic images in WWE history, but in terms of business, Wrestlemania 13 was the worst bought one in history and business didn't start picking up until the last half of 1997.

    Also, to Gohan, yes, the knee injury was faked. Michaels even did back-flips on Raw as a way of telling everyone that his knee injury wasn't legitimate. Bret brought this up on the Greatest Rivalries DVD.
  13. Right, cause WWE would never lie to protect their golden boy :pity2:
  14. Or Bret does what he does to Sid at WM13 to Shawn and help Taker win? But I heard Taker was getting a title run during that time anyway. Which he did but u all saying he would not if HBK has not got injury. So would have got that long title run still just at a later time? Or was it just Lucky Number 13 for the DEADMAN!?
  15. HBK said it in his DVD that it was not faked and that show X-Rays of it.
  16. Where did I say it was bigger? I said it was more important, without that match Austin loses one of the most iconic moments of his career and it's a possibility he doesn't become the star he did. He was crazily over but without Bret's rub who knows what he'd become? :cornette:
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  17. Guss I interpreted more important as meaning bigger, although I contend that by the time WM14 rolled around, Austin likely would have been on the road to being the next mega star of wrestling anyway. Bret chose to work with him specifically because he saw that he already had the potential to become the top guy in the company after cutting the Austin 3:16 promo. I wouldn't want to erase the Austin/Bret match either, though.
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  18. I agree he'd have probably become a megastar anyway but I really see that match as the launch pad if that makes sense, KOTR is where the character was born but WM13 is where it drank it's first beer if you want to continue the Austin metaphor.
  19. I agree, and I wish the original plan had happened with Bret dropping the belt to him at WM14. It would have made a nice full circle moment, with the circle completing with Bret finally doing the job for Austin (which he never got the chance to.) But we all know what happened there.
  20. He would've gladly jobbed to Austin at SS, but Vince wanted him to have to job to Shawn.
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