What was the turning point in your life?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. We all go through crappy periods in our lives (ladies lol) and sometimes it takes a turning point to really snap us out of it. At what point in your life did it change drastically for the better? Or what happened that made you really appreciate your life?
  2. I shouldn't go into detail because it's rather disturbing but in 2003 I had a complete mental breakdown. I saw a movie that for some reason fucked me up so bad that I can pretty much guarantee no one I have met has gone through a worse hell than I did for several months. I was convinced I was schizophrenic but that's the thing about schizophrenia; if you have it, you cannot think you have it. I ended up being diagnosed with OCD and I actually had a GAF score of 34.

    Again, I won't go into detail but even @Xina can verify that I completely lost touch with reality. I was convinced that I was going to be murdered in a way that was SOOOOOOO over the top that I couldn't think of anything else. My anxiety grew and grew to a point it never had before or sense.

    Well, during this time I had a very defining religious experience and it changed my life a lot. I also got very obsessed with psychology when I was researching and trying to find out what was wrong with me. This eventually led me to going to school and as most of you know getting my degrees in psychology and becoming a psychologist.

    Not only that, I tend to not be afraid of anything anymore. When anyone tries to intimidate me, I tell them for two months I was looking the Devil in the eye and after that, nothing is scary. I also realized that you really have to go all out for what you want in life because you never know when you won't have the chance to do it. That is why I learned Japanese, went to college, became braver about asking people out, developed a porn addiction... oh wait, you didn't hear that one :emoji_wink:

    Anyhow just trying to end the post on a light note :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Damn, what you went through in 2003 sounds like scary stuff! Glad you made it out, brother.
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  4. Anxiety is horrible and living in fear is not fun, it sucks. I know what it is like so I feel for you on that. You got out of it though and got out of the fear cycle. General anxiety and panic attacks can make you feel like you are going crazy. I have been there. It is not fun to go through. You think you are going to lose a grip on reality and end up in a mental institution but it never happens. The fear just makes you believe it.

    It is amazing how powerful the mind is and how it can effect every cell in your body. The reason evil ways have a such a hold in this world is because of the fear so many of us have on a day to day basis. I give you serious props for getting past it all. I am still working on it myself. Thanks for sharing about this. It gives other people out there hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel and living in such a way is not permanent.
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  5. Mine was a downturn after I fell in love with a girl who had put a timeline on us (her graduation) and I fell hard. We worked together and spent about 4 nights a week in the same bed. She was great: funny, smart, dedicated, tall, and liked it when I put in work. We spent a year together but immediately after college she got a job (which is understandable, she is incredible) in CO and took it quickly. She spent most of her last 2 weeks with friends, but she came to see me last of everyone. We spent an hour or two together while she cried and y told me how much she would miss me, and it really was and is am impression i can't escape. I'm not a victim, i'm just an idiot. No pity necessary, i've made peace with this.
  6. That is why you don't "fall" in love. Someone can always stand back up. Falling is temporary. Maybe one day you guys will cross paths again.
  7. I used to worry and care about others. Lately I just took the mentality where I don't give a fuck about anyone apart from myself.
  8. Not as profound or heavy as some of these other examples. But I have two.

    At age 13 I got offered to join a youth organization called UNF (Directly translated it means the youth sobriety association). Don't regret it one bit. I got to do so much fun stuff, learn so much and grow as a person within it. I got to travel, meet a bunch of interesting people, try to do things I've never done before or would have had the chance to int he small town I grew up in. They put a lot of faith in me and I ran with the ball offered. Now I'm 25 and actually employed by them. Which is awesome since I get to give back to an organization that gave me so much as a small, awkward and bullied kid.

    Second one was moving out and going to college. I don't see myself having had half the life or life experiences I would have had if I had stayed in my hometown and taken a job on the railway like my dad wanted. I knew I wanted to go someplace else and do something else and I do not regret it one bit.
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  9. Being in love and the fallout of a breakup is horrible, made me insane and obsessive and I felt anger for everything. Took me a year and a half to move on, Family and friends helped me through this and I had to move on it is not healthy how I was acting and feeling
  10. Getting arrested and locked up on 4 felony charges for aggravated trafficking in drugs.

    Pretty much ruined my life. But also taught me to stop doing dumb shit.
  11. Took me 3 years to stop being bitter, it was a wild waste of time...my life back then. I wouldn't trade her for anything, just would tell myself fucking randoms isn't going to help anything.

    Either way we all live and learn, it is what it is.
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  12. I have to ask, what was the movie? Hardly any of the films that I've seen have ever scared or disturbed me, so I'm eager to know if there's one that could finally do the trick. (Feel free to PM if you'd rather not say it out-loud; If it's something like A Serbian Film or The Human Centipede though, then never mind. I'm never bothering to watch that shit after reading some of the stuff that happens in them.)
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  13. Getting off whites, and started making money and spending it more wisely.. Waste of money that shit is.
  14. Well, I'll tell you, but I doubt the movie will disturb you. It will more than likely just give everyone a reason to make fun of me, because it's really a second rate horror film. Most people are shocked that it disturbed me actually because I am quite the horror movie aficionado. I watched a lot of grisly movies and I watch these things for fun... but it was Rob Zombie's debut "House of 1000 Corpses." There was a scene where someone
    Show Spoiler
    "sewed the top half of a man's body onto the body of what appeared to be a walrus or something"]

    Like an idiot, I began thinking very deeply on the movie... sort of considering what was going on in the film and about what it would be like to be ruthlessly tortured and murdered like that with a family looking on in amusement.

    For me, the reason this got to me was that I was 28 years old and by that point I had been suffering from a severe anxiety disorder for my entire life without ever seeking treatment. I honestly believe the movie is a pretty wussy film looking back on it. But my deep thought on what it was like to be the victim coupled with an undiagnosed and untreated anxiety disorder was enough to push me over the edge.

    So I am pretty sorry if the reveal of the movie is a bit disappointing. If you haven't seen it, I honestly doubt it will bother you. I can, in fact, watch it with no problem. But at the time I first saw it, there were enough other variables in play to push me over the edge.
  15. Funnily enough, that and another film of his (The Devil's Rejects) have both been on my list of movies that I intend to get around to seeing for awhile.

    I think Cannibal Holocaust is probably the most disturbing movie I've ever seen, and even that one didn't really bother me (except for the castration scene, even though the guy that got his johnson lopped off was already dead), it mostly just caused me to lose my appetite for a few weeks, not unlike the way a few other films have done as well.
  16. House of 1000 Corpses was one of the first horror movies I watched when I was a kid and it got me pretty good.

    I watched Cannibal Holocaust for the first time a couple months ago and it's pretty fucked up too lol but in a much different way. A more realistic way too.

    I've never seen a Serbian Film but I've heard it's horrifying. I think the Human Centapide movies were awesome tho lol
  17. I watched a lot of the cannibal movies when I was younger. I am rather desensitized to horror and gore because after my parents got divorced, my dad would have us watch all of those things when I was 10 and my sister was 5. Pretty monumentally bad parenting but what can you do?

    It's actually a surprise that after all of those movies that House of 1000 Corpses would affect me like it did... it is nowhere near as grisly as they are.... but it was the first movie that I think I really tried seeing from the viewpoint of the victim... it was more my approach to the subject matter than the subject matter itself that bugged me.

    Interestingly enough, the Devil's Rejects was a bit of therapy for me actually. It was a MUCH better film and it was actually my psychiatrist who suggested I rewatch House of 1000 Corpses.... but the Devil's Rejects resolves a few of the things that bugged me about the first film... so definitely watch them but don't expect to be disturbed by them. For me it was just that the wrong movie at the wrong time sort of thing. I hope you enjoy them.
  18. The scene that fucked with my head the most in House of 1000 corpses was the part when that chick was basically fucking that gnarly skeleton lol shit was too much for my 11 year old brain
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