What was the whole point of Kane wearing his mask again?!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Nov 1, 2013.

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    What was the whole point of Kane wearing his mask again?! Ok so Kane had no mask for years and then in 2011 he get Injury and then come back at the end of 2011 with a mask on and then that fuck him over with Bryan now I like Bryan but this screw Kane up! And now he take time off and then he has no mask again!? WTF!?​

  2. It was a nostalgia thing, they / he probably wanted one last run with it before he hangs them up.
  3. For gimmick use I suppose, and nostalgia. If I remember, when he returned he went to this embrace the hate bullcrap, and the mask made it look creepier and gave it some worth of watch. Although, we don't know for sure if Kane is keeping the mask off forever, he may return with a different one soon. Would be interesting if he sided with the Wyatts and used the lamb mask too.
  4. Short term booking is WWEs wet dream sometimes. The whole 'Kane with the mask again; angrier than ever, trying to take down Cena' was WWE's thought in mind at the time. Nothing at all about what would happen to Kane afterwards.
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  5. Exactly this, evil kane was flavor of the month then when it was time for his next storyline, ehhh what ever
  6. I think sometimes is quite the understatement, I really can't think of a time when they aren't short term booking.

  7. Rock vs Cena.
  8. I think he put the mask back on because his face is ugly.

    I kid I kid. Because at the time it seemed cool to return with a mask? It kind of made it feel like he would go back to his dominate ways when he originally came to the "e"

    I dunno, that's a shot in the dark.
  9. Because the image of the mask on Kane's face just symbolizes a certain mystery and enigma to Kane's character. Sure, the genie is already out of the bottle and we're already aware of what Kane looks like, but the same is true of Jason Voorhees in the Friday The 13th franchise - he gets unmasked in pretty much every movie, but that doesn't mean he should go without it in the next sequel. It adds a lot to the character of this machete-wielding maniac that the only parts of his face you can see is his eyes staring back at you through the holes in the hockey mask and nothing else. The same is true of Kane, especially with them pushing him as a monster heel again and thus wanting to make him intimidating.

    My main issue is the design of the mask. It looked more like his 2002/2003 version of the mask (with his mouth and chin exposed) than like his old mask where his entire face was covered. I did like that big metallic thing he wore over his head on the way to the ring, though.
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  10. Then you're not thinking hard enough.

  11. I loved it when Kane had the Predator helmet over his mask. I don't know why he would need a Predator helmet, but it was fucking boss. It kind of looked like The Rocketeer a bit too. Anyway, fucking Kane rules. He's always fluid and changing. Kane and Big Show are two guys that just go with the flow, and can turn face or heel as needed without worrying about not being over.
  12. Consistent long term booking though? We're talking about the feud that consisted of a Cena redemption storyline where he had won big matches throughout the entire year and won wrestler of the year anyway. Didn't really take continuity into account at all.

    The only ones that I can really think of over the last few years are Undertaker/HHH, Undertaker/HBK, The Rock/CM Punk and Jericho/HBK. The first three had huge gaps in-between.
  13. I guess you'd like to give an example of consistent long term booking then?
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  15. hey look guys, he made a funny!
  16. It was still a bad year for Cena, bare that on mind he let Punk walk out with the belt, ADR beat him multiple times as did Ziggler. He lost a lot of major matches which as a guy who rarely loses is a negative slide plus he got his ass whooped by Brock and was at the end of Johnny L's rath for a while. It wasn't perfect but there was long term booking there without compromising their top star.
  17. It looked cool
  18. In my opinion I think Kane should come back next week with a new attire and mask but this is probably permenate most likley due to See No Evil 2, it would suck if he removed the mask but who knows whats in store for him. Btw I really wish he would do more tombstones does anybody know why he's stopped doing them a lot? is it because of his knees?
  19. Piledrivers of all kinds are discouraged because of the potential to cause spinal cord damage. So they only do it sparingly.
  20. No thats not it, Stephanie McMahon said only Undertaker and Kane can do them whenever they want because they are great at them
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