What was your favorite match or PPV concept?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. This runs around a lot, i personally loved the Hell in a Cell until 2009 when they became way to often. I have always loved the King of the Ring especially the 1996 one with Owen Hart on commentary. The Elimination Chamber became a joke in 2013 with Jack Swagger winning the only one of the night remember guys like Michaels, Taker, Batista and all the big names used to be in the match, Money in the Bank has always been a crucial point as the win, loss record has become quite rocky since Cena lost.
  2. Royal rumble its always fun to watch
  3. HIAC before it become another generic cage match.
  4. Money in the Bank. It's quickly become my favorite PPV, better with the brand split though.
  5. I'm a huge fan of the Royal Rumble match. I can enjoy most of the gimmick matches (except the ones with "insert something here" on a pole), but they typically overuse them. When they schedule a PPV around a gimmick, it almost always becomes a waste of time. Obviously, I think the Rumble is an exception, but I also think the MITB PPV is good as long as there are more than one of them. If there is to be only one, then the MITB match should go back to being a Wrestlemania event and find a new concept for the July PPV.

  6. Mick Foley Vs Edge Wrestlemaina 22.
    And For the ladies matches Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus Same event.
    I was there and these two matches reminded me of why i loved WWE.

    It also made me realize i was in love with Edge and Lita. lol!
  7. The Royal Rumble match. Battle royals are always fun to watch for me, I love the anticipation of not knowing who will run out next and just seeing most of the entire roster all in the ring at the same time (well, not technically all at the same time, but you get the picture) all makes for an exciting match. Plus, the Rumble match has always provided a pretty convenient place to jump start new angles between people as well as provide us with otherwise memorable moments:

    1. The first ever Hogan and Warrior confrontation in history, which had EVERYBODY in the arena standing on their feet because they couldn't believe they were actually seeing it.
    2. Hogan and Sid Justice going from good-friends-to-bitter-enemies in an instant all because Hogan was upset that his friend Sid eliminated him (despite the match being billed "Every Man For Himself.")
    3. The start of the first ever Kurt Angle/Shawn Michaels feud, beginning with Angle brutally attacking Shawn Michaels and injuring him to the point where he couldn't continue all because he was pissed that HBK kicked him over the top rope.
    4. John Cena taking on the entire Nexus (minus Husky Harris) in 2011.
    5. Hogan accidentally eliminating Randy Savage in '89, thus pushing The Mega Powers even closer to their breakup.
    6. Austin being eliminated from the '97 Rumble, only to re-enter and eliminate Bret and everyone else since Austin's elimination went unnoticed by the referees.
    7. Kane wrecking havoc and tossing everyone out left and right in 2001.

    And there's more. These are merely just a few that come to mind...
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  8. World War 3 and War Games.
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  9. rasslemania 6 hogan vs warrior
  10. I can't decide between the Royal Rumble and the Money in the Bank. Those two, and summerslam are the PPV's I get excited for outside of Mania. The question is my favorite ppv concept match though, and I'll go with The Royal Rumble, BARELY. Winning means you are fighting for the title at MANIA, the showcase of the immortals. It doesn't get better than that. MITB is really close though, I can't stress that enough.
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    The Rumble is more entertaining as a match, to me. But the aftermath of MITB is more entertaining, the anticipation of when the cash in is going to happen is very exciting. So a tie between the Rumble and MITB. TLC deserves a mention as well.
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  12. Of course Royal Rumble.
  13. I'd have to go for Royal Rumble.
  14. I'd also have to go with the Royal Rumble, I also like the Money in the Bank.
  15. Royal Rumble for PPVs they have now. King of the Ring was another of my favs when I was a kid.
  16. As overused as they are, I enjoy Cage matches for some reason, when they're done right. Not like that bullshit with no escaping they had on Raw last week, even if that did set up Cody's awesome moonsault.
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  17. TLC, MITB and EC.
    Royal Rumble is meh to me cause it has become pretty predictable
  18. Also when I was a teen bra and panties matches.
  19. I'm a fan of cage matches, too, but, in all fairness, there doesn't have to be some weird "no-escape" stipulation to have an off-the-top-of-the-cage spot. They've happened for a long time. Even though it makes no sense for someone to do a high spot off the cage when escaping to win is an option, but it's happened quite a bit.

  20. To be fair, not escaping in tag team cage matches makes sense since both team members have to be out, and since Cody could have seen that Goldust wasn't 100%, taking out one of the New Age Outlaws to help his brother would have made sense.
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