What was your favourite line in the shoot promo?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. CM Punk's shoot promo is pretty legendary around the IWC, what was your favourite line in it?

    For some reason, mine seems to be "Because you're not, I'm the best, I'm the best in the world", rivalled closqely with "Maybe this company will be better after Vince McMahon's dead, but the fact is, it's going to be taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son in law".
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  2. "I'm just a spoke on the wheel, the wheel's gonna keep on turning and I understand that."
  3. definitely the vince being dead part :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Hi Colt Cabana
  5. "Oops, I'm breaking the forth wall." Waves to camera. :pity:
  6. The part that convinced me.
  8. Man you're a huge Punk mark.
  9. Must admit I marked for the Hulk Hogan line.
  10. SPOILER ALERT: I'm not trolling.

    I hated that promo. Now, don't get me wrong, Punk is a top notch mic worker and talker, but that promo was bad, especially in a long term developments.

    First of all, Punk turned face, and it's beyond me how can anyone like the CM Punk character. All Punk is doing is bitching, and bitching and MOAR~ bitching. He's a douchebag crybaby. CM Punk is not a guy you put as a No. 2 in your motherfucking company. No way. And that promo was just about "I'm jelly and my dick is bigger than yours" shit. That promo (and especially promos after) just screamed "DOUCHEBAG and HYPOCRITE", because that was CM Punk is. For God's sake, I was with Cena in that storyline (and I dislike Cena), because at least Cena doesn't pretend, and doesn't think it's the other way (well, at least not at that time). It's beyond me how can anyone stand by hypocrites and charlatans like CM Punk. He's a manipulator douchebag, kayfabe and real life.
  11. The CM Punk fans are like a cult I swear. Skinny Emo Jesus Christ.
  12. Lmao this is garbage.

    The promo was basically saying what everyone wanted to say. It wasn't aimed at Cena, it was aimed at the WWE. How is saying Vince is surrounded by YES men a hypocritical thing to say? Is CM Punk? Did CM Punk get put into the WWE main event every single week before that promo? That was the point he was making. The promo was genius. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a jerk, his character was he'll turn up, do what the fuck he wants and leave. Surprisingly (or not so much) that's what the people want.

    Cena doesn't pretend? If we're still with kayfabe, are you serious? Kayfabe wise he pretends he battles through the bad times, but week after week he's in the main event, it's handed to him. How often have we seen Cena in a title feud and never had to win a #1 contenders match? If not kayfabe, then you know nothing, you don't know him, or Punk, or anyone in the WWE locker room or back room staff. So to call their personalities out is just illogical.
  13. [​IMG]

    I didn't say Cena doesn't pretend (reading carefully is an art), at least at the time he was right when calling Punk a hypocrite (Trips, Cole and Lawler too), because basically he wanted the same, and all he was doing was bitching about it. Punk was bitching about WWE's machine and shit like that, and all he wanted (and it proved itself) is the same shit Cena has/had.

    Bitching about Cena and WWE's corporate suits: HYPOCRICY (he's even more stale and boring than Cena, and he's just one of those suits now).

    Change: :dawg:
    Best In The World: :dawg:
    Rebel: :dawg:
    OMG, he broke the 4th wall: :dawg:

    Plus, the promo was nothing special in terms of regular world wide wrestling standards. Shit like that happens in TNA, ROH and elsewhere on a regular basis.
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  14. JoeRulz is such a boss. :dawg: Spread some rep.
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  15. You're mixing kayfabe with real life and booking. It's weird, I never thought you'd dip so low because of your hate for Punk. Punk often in "real life" bitches about the current product. In a house show after the match was done (he was champion at the time), he cut a promo/shoot saying how he's still not happy at all at WWE etc. Joe, you have no idea who Punk is, or Phil I should say. You don't know him, so commenting on his personality is pointless. It's like him tweeting "JoeRulz is a dick in real life".

    His character comes off as a hypocrite definitely. That's booking. He was booked in this awesome worked shoot feud, where he apparently legitimately shooted and immediately left after the shoot to avoid angry reactions, but it was a worked storyline. He went from that to being champion, but then the market bandwagon had to start. They make more money off Punk now than they would carrying on with Punk's rebellion storyline. WWE dropped the ball with Punk, not the other way around. You need to get kids on your side to make money. I don't agree with it but I understand it, you don't apparently.

    Your last sentence is just your opinion, if I saw promos like that in RoH weekly then I'd watch it weekly religiously. Punk's promo was awesome, that's all there is to say.

    We understand you don't like Punk, trust me, we get it bro.
  16. Epic sig.
  17. Punk is alright. I don't care about 'em. Just don't like how people worship him. Also, what does not liking Punk have do with calling JeoeRuls a boss?


    thanks :dawg:
  18. No one worships him here. In fact, he receives way more hate than love here. If you discount Turkey Sandwich that is.
  19. - I don't hate Punk (where the ffuck did I say that?), I just dislike him from what I see about him, he just has that douchebag aura (both kayfabe and RL)
    - all I said is "He's a manipulator douchebag, kayfabe and real life", and it's not just my perception, I'm following Punk's career and listening to people since 2002, dude
    - I hate the CM Punk character
    - I was talking about kayfabe mostly
    - not all of it, but mostly
    - therefore, it's booking's fault, but it's also Punk's (aka I'm gonna bitch until I get my fat new contract, then I'm gonna flow with the rest of shit) fault
    - Punk is boring ever since the Hardy feud from 2009

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  20. I've followed David Beckham's career since I was about 5 years old. Ask me what his favourite colour is, I don't know.

    Kayfabe = none of Punk's fault. Booking controls his character, unless you have a source that says Punk came up with this storyline or loves it then it stays that way. From all the reports I've read, it seems only Cena has any input on his character with the usual candidates of Taker and Otton too.

    The rest is your opinion.
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