What we REALLY need

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Midcard fueds. I'm not talking crappy ones, I'm talking real ones that get personal. The only ones that get personal are the main event ones.
  2. I miss them too. Eddie Guerrero ans Chris Benoit were phenomenal mid-card acts who get get you hot for the main event

    The Steamboats of the world aren't given much to do in WWE...

    Most guys are either low card or high up the card... Ziggler will be main event in no time and Kidd is stuck on the lower card

    WM has no true mid card anymore... it's truly lacking and is a shame
  3. They've buried the titles too much for any mid card to have relevance at the moment. They need to not be scared to drop main eventers into the mid card to bulk it up before handing it to the newer stars. Drop ADR, Sheamus, Big Show Truth, Kingston, Mysterio into the mid card, and have them feud with either each-other or some new guys like Kidd, Reks, Hawkins, AMBROSE, Rollins, Riley.
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