What were you first thoughts about me?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. I know this has gone around already, but I'm bored and curious. Let me know what your first thoughts were about me :obama: :tough:
  2. Wisconsin : BOO!
    Dat Ass: YAY!
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  3. DAT A$$
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  4. Nice ASS
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  5. Ass.
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  6. Dat Personality
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  7. :harvey:
    He meant to say your ass
  8. Very welcoming and nice
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  9. Nice
    Good Friend
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  10. nice, didn't annoy me.
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  11. You were in DX and IWT creative so I figured you had a well known presence here.

    Never seen dat ass but now I'm curious.
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  12. This is the pic that started it all...


    Dat A$$ has been my nickname ever since :obama:
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  13. A proper Dench lass
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  14. :sandow:
  15. You already know what my first impressions of you were. :ksi:
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    You're a very nice person and you are a huge AJ Lee fan like me, so I automatically wanted to become your friend. ^_^

    Staff note: For the umpteenth time. Stop with the multiple colored fonts.
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  17. Creep.
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  18. It's only for that personalized face though..... I mean, I can go back to the AJ pics.......

    But FINE. As soon as I see someone else using multiple colors, I'm going to start using my face again.
  19. No you aren't.
    You agreed to stop using multiple colors. If you feel a need to discuss this further then PM me.
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