What were your first thoughts about me???

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by deathclaw4721, Oct 11, 2013.

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  1. What were your first thoughts about me when you first started seeing me and why??? Also, what are your thoughts about me now??? Have they changed??? Thanks, friends! :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Annoying, possibly a troll.

    Now, good user and a cool person to talk to at times.

    The majority of the forum.
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  3. Then, annoying, possibly a troll
    Now, annoying, possibly a troll

    everyone but Jonathan
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  4. Well you all need to learn to step back and be like :lol1: instead of getting annoyed... :pity1:
  5. Or click the ignore button. Too bad I still see the thread when it's the last one answered and I'm like "She might have changed" but nope , still begging for attention people like you give her.

    Spaniard out of this shit before it gets closed lol
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  6. Before: You loved threads about yourself and your obsession with AJ was creepy.
    Now: You love threads about yourself and your obsession with AJ is a little creepy. But you're pretty cool to talk to and not a bad member.
  7. Before: ERGH
    Now: Meh
  8. Before: AJ crazy fan

    Now: Attention grabber
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  9. I don't get anything you are all saying...
  10. I still am an AJ fan. I'm the ultimate AJ fan. And I don't go out and seek attention, attention finds ME. *_*
  11. :pity:
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  12. I thought "crazy female or creepy guy?"
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  13. Always thirsty
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  14. I drink 12 bottles of water a day, so I'm actually pretty hydrated.....
  15. Not to sound creepy or anything, but honestly, it's nice to always have clear urine.....
  16. Do you really want to know?
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  17. Those are supposed to be PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! >,_<
  18. No, Andy, I don't. Your opinions about me are going to be untrue.
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  19. Maybe you will get the hint and never PM me again. :pipebomb:
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  20. But I like talking with you....... >_<
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